Tacos Before Vatos: Why We Single Ladies Live By This Motto

Who needs a man when you’ve got tortillas in your life? Tacos before vatos ?.

Beginning with the Exterior, He’s the Perfect Shade of Brown ?

Credit: @latinomind / Instagram

He tans like a god.

And Is Always So Warm

Credit: @mariscostj / Instagram

He Wraps Himself Around All the Right Places… Just How You Like It

Credit: @mealsanddreels / Instagram

So many feels.

Being Versatile Is His Forte… Sometimes he’s sweet…

Credit: @dailyfoodfeed / Instagram

Other Times He’s Green


Credit: @julia.lilly.williams / Instagram

But He’s Most Comfortable Being His Normal Self


Credit: @gracoin / Instagram

He Knows How to Dress Up…

Credit: @sizzlefishfit / Instagram

…Or Keep It Casual When You Want to Let Your Hair Down


Credit: @stefavalenzuela / Instagram

You Think He Still Looks Sexy AF When He’s a Hot Mess


Credit: @pfeiffman / Instagram

And You Like that He’s Not Afraid to Get Down and Dirty

Credit: @shakis / Instagram

Things get reeeal dirty when it comes to tacos de barbacoa ?.

Regardless of What He’s Wearing, You Can Always Agree He Looks Best Naked

Credit: @heightstaco / Instagram


You Need Someone Strong, Right? He’s Got You

Credit: @pepe_gamez / Instagram

Talk about gainz.

Whenever You Need Support, You Can Count On Him

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At Times, He Breaks Down and Shows His Sensitive Side


Credit: @takeshilpsz / Instagram

Feeling Left Out? Not to Worry, There’s a Tortilla to Fit Everyone

Credit: @eatdrinklovechicago / Instagram

Whether you’re into small…

Credit: @vegancatgal / Instagram

Or you like it a little bigger ?.

And You Won’t Ever Get Enough… You Can Have Him for Breakfast


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Credit: @noelidelr / Instagram

And Dinner

Credit: @mmmxoxo / Instagram

It’s true love ❤️.

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