Tacos Before Vatos: Why We Single Ladies Live By This Motto

Who needs a man when you’ve got tortillas in your life? Tacos before vatos ?.

Beginning with the Exterior, He’s the Perfect Shade of Brown ?

#Latinomind #tortilla

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He tans like a god.

And Is Always So Warm

Aquí en #mariscostj todas las tortillas son a mano! #tortillasamano

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He Wraps Himself Around All the Right Places… Just How You Like It

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So many feels.

Being Versatile Is His Forte… Sometimes he’s sweet…

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Other Times He’s Green

Kale and pumpkin tortilla for breakfast or lunch. Yum! #kaletortilla #paleo #peteevanspaleo

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But He’s Most Comfortable Being His Normal Self

#tortilladeharina #Sonora por fin !!!

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He Knows How to Dress Up…

Credit: @sizzlefishfit / Instagram

…Or Keep It Casual When You Want to Let Your Hair Down


Credit: @stefavalenzuela / Instagram

You Think He Still Looks Sexy AF When He’s a Hot Mess


Credit: @pfeiffman / Instagram

And You Like that He’s Not Afraid to Get Down and Dirty

Credit: @shakis / Instagram

Things get reeeal dirty when it comes to tacos de barbacoa ?.

Regardless of What He’s Wearing, You Can Always Agree He Looks Best Naked

Credit: @heightstaco / Instagram


You Need Someone Strong, Right? He’s Got You

Tostada de Marlin #homemade #tostada #marlin #seafood #callodehacha #marisqueria

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Talk about gainz.

Whenever You Need Support, You Can Count On Him

Guacamole! !! #freshtortilla #statenisland #yummy #food #tasty

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At Times, He Breaks Down and Shows His Sensitive Side


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Feeling Left Out? Not to Worry, There’s a Tortilla to Fit Everyone

Credit: @eatdrinklovechicago / Instagram

Whether you’re into small…

Credit: @vegancatgal / Instagram

Or you like it a little bigger ?.

And You Won’t Ever Get Enough… You Can Have Him for Breakfast


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Credit: @noelidelr / Instagram

And Dinner

In honor of National Taco Day tomorrow, we had tacos tonight. #NationalTacoDay #EveryDayIsTacoDay

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It’s true love ❤️.

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If You're Out of Halloween Ideas, You Can Always Go as El Chapo


If You’re Out of Halloween Ideas, You Can Always Go as El Chapo

Still undecided on a Halloween costume? Here’s an idea: turn Halloween into Narcoween with an EL CHAPO GUZMAN costume.

Credit: sinembargo.com.mx

You can buy the mask, but you’re gonna have to practice that spot-on “I just escaped from prison for the second time” pose.

Yep, someone out created a latex mask of the notorious Mexican drug kingpin. Let’s see how they compare:

Credit: mercadolibre.com.mx

Not bad, not bad.

It also comes with a striped shirt featuring the phrase “#NoEraPenal de Máxima seguridad” on the back.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.44.55 AM

Credit: mercadolibre.com.mx

Unfortunately, that sturdy-looking shovel is not included.? The costume being sold on sites such as Mercado Libre (Mexico’s version of eBay) and is selling for between 300 pesos and 600 pesos (15 and 35 dollars).

They might be hard to find, so good luck finding one! (Get it? ?)


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