Why It Makes Sense to Have a Young Latino in the White House

Join the Captain Morgan #Under35Potus movement!

Millennials have built some of the largest companies in the world (take a look at the Facebook and Airbnb founders), brought beautiful art to thousands (you go, Misty Copeland!) and inspired millions with a single defiant action. Now we’re ready for the next step – “la Casa Blanca.” Here’s why:

Dear Mr. President and member of Congress,

It’s time to make a new step forward – a proposition by the people and for the people. As Latinos quickly become the largest racial or ethnic minority in the country, we think it’s about time a representative of the future of what the U.S. will become is chosen as the next #POTUS.

What better leader than to choose one from both the largest segment of the population – a millennial Latino? Here are reasons why age is nothing but a number for Latinos under 35 that can definitely take the head seat as the leader of the free world:

We like to tech, tech, tech from our head to our (robotic) toes


Millennials are building ideas, companies and robots to help our fellow humans to the right, left and center of the aisle. Latino millennials are disrupting traditional academic models to interest more Latinos in the STEM fields.

We are creating art that does imitate life

Mural para @kiehlsnyc en #loscerritoscenter muchas gracias @chrissalgardo por esta invitación

A photo posted by Saner_ Edgar (@saner_edgar) on

As a Latino millennial commander-in-chief, troop assignments will go hand in hand with assignments on making urban centers gleam with the help of sculptures and brushstrokes.

The canvas of America can glisten in bold hues with a leader who appreciates art, like Mexican modern artist Saner, who helped incorporate elements of his Mexican ancestry on the brick walls of Kiehl’s in the Los Cerritos mall just outside of Los Angeles.

We take action in Politics


Some fellow Latino millennials are already cutting their chops for the Oval Office by working as local politicians, including a group of young 20-something Latinos who are aiming to change the negative perception city council members have had over the years in the city of their area.

Just outside of Los Angeles, in the city of Cudahy, a 29-year-old is taking over as mayor of a city that was known for previous council members taking bribes. 

Latinos are pioneers and explorers

Finally, Latinos are used to being explorers and overcoming obstacles in search for our dreams. We learned from the best – our parents. Many of our parents have crossed rivers, deserts and more to reach the American dream. If you think a Latino millennial president will want to throw in the towel, we can always rest assured their mom or dad will be there to say, “Ponte las pillas!”


Now let’s explore a new frontier together and elect a Latino president under the age of 35!

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