Why It Makes Sense to Have a Young Latino in the White House

Join the Captain Morgan #Under35Potus movement!

Millennials have built some of the largest companies in the world (take a look at the Facebook and Airbnb founders), brought beautiful art to thousands (you go, Misty Copeland!) and inspired millions with a single defiant action. Now we’re ready for the next step – “la Casa Blanca.” Here’s why:

Dear Mr. President and member of Congress,

It’s time to make a new step forward – a proposition by the people and for the people. As Latinos quickly become the largest racial or ethnic minority in the country, we think it’s about time a representative of the future of what the U.S. will become is chosen as the next #POTUS.

What better leader than to choose one from both the largest segment of the population – a millennial Latino? Here are reasons why age is nothing but a number for Latinos under 35 that can definitely take the head seat as the leader of the free world:

We like to tech, tech, tech from our head to our (robotic) toes


We are creating art that does imitate life

Mural para @kiehlsnyc en #loscerritoscenter muchas gracias @chrissalgardo por esta invitación

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We take action in Politics


Latinos are pioneers and explorers

Finally, Latinos are used to being explorers and overcoming obstacles in search for our dreams. We learned from the best – our parents. Many of our parents have crossed rivers, deserts and more to reach the American dream. If you think a Latino millennial president will want to throw in the towel, we can always rest assured their mom or dad will be there to say, “Ponte las pillas!”


Now let’s explore a new frontier together and elect a Latino president under the age of 35!

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