Selena Gomez Is That Friend That Isn’t Afraid To Throw Shade In Your Defense

Behind every queen, there’s a goddess giving her strength.

Taylor Swift credits her squad for helping her become the queen she is today. A major part of that troop is this goddess down here, Selena Gomez.


Credit: @taylorswift / Instagram

They’re literally attached at the hip.

She pumps up her friends, even through the silly dancing.

Credit; taylorswiftgifs / Tumblr

We all have need that friend.

Selena fights shade with shade all in the name of defending her bestie.

Credit: Entertainment Tonight / CBS

That was her reaction when she was told she should go up on stage Kanye-style and sing.

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Nothing says you have your girl’s back more than this…

Credit: theperezhilton / Tumblr

Mmm hmm, *finger snap*

She celebrates her BFF’s success…always.

Credit: mtv / Tumblr

It’s as if she had won that Grammy. #Winning

When rough times hit, Selena is there to pick up the pieces.

Credit: CBS

That was Taylor after her performance. She shed a tear because she missed a note, but…

This is Taylor after Selena’s hug.

Credit: incomparablyme / Tumblr

All the feels.

Ugly crying face? Who gives a sh*t? Selena’s BFF just won.

Credit: @taylorswift13 / Twitter

These happy tears are the best gift a friend could give.

She knows just what to say, without saying anything at all…

Credit: tracesofswift / Tumblr

This is Bestie Code.

Selena can shut down her girl’s haters with just a raise of a finger.

Credit: tswiftdaily / Tumblr

Kanye, I’m not gonna let you finish.

And she’s cool with giving her friend some space…

Credit: JarretSays / Vine

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Since it’s her time to shine.

Credit: tswiftdaily / Tumblr

Because she knows…

Credit: @selenagomez / Instagram

This is the army we all need.


Credit: goodgirlwhoshopeful / Tumblr


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