The Hoops, Cleavage and Exaggerated Accent. Was Becky G’s Role on “Empire” Too Stereotypical Latina?

Literally EVERYONE was counting down the days for Becky G’s episode to air on Empire.

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Because who doesn’t love Becky G and who doesn’t love Empire? 

The hype was mad real.

Credit: varietylatino.com

Because Becky G’s such an amazing performer on stage, expectations were high.

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She’s like a mini J.Lo.

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But TBH, the episode kinda had us like…

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Her character, Valentina Galindo, is an aspiring singer who is willing to do anything to make it big time.

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How many times have we seen Latinas using their sexuality to get to a better place? Ugh.

Yes, she’s that cliché, token Latina character who has sassy comments, hoop earrings, long hair and a lot of cleavage.


Credit: fuckyeahblackcelebrities / Tumblr

And she does. Things get steamy?.

Credit: FOX

She’s completely naked in a hot tub making out with Hakeem ?.

But, wait… She’s barely 18.

Credit: realitytvgifs / Tumblr / Dance Moms

And those naked make outs make us cringe since we love her like our baby cousin ?.

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It gets more disturbing when you hear her speak because her baby voice reminds us she’s super young.

Credit: fuckyeah-lucilleball / Tumblr

Yes, it’s like that.

And can we talk about that outfit? Becky G we love you, but the Jenny from the Block look isn’t your best.

Credit: FOX

Basically, all of this is too much for us to handle?.

We know it’s just a character, but THIS is more like it.

Credit: @iambeckyg / Instagram

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