9 Mexican Food Items from Whole Foods that Deserve a ‘You Tried’ Sticker

Hey Whole Foods, we appreciate your attempts to make tasty and healthy Mexican food, but some of your products just aren’t cutting it.

There’s this “Mexican Grilled Corn.”

Just a few sprinkles of cheese?  You can see way too much corn for this to be a proper elote preparado. Every inch of those elotes should be lathered up.

There’s also this thing. It’s supposed to be a burrito.

Credit: Andrew Z. / Yelp

Really, Whole Foods? That dead-looking burrito looks like it’s been decomposing for days.

Here are a few more “Burritos.”

Credit: Michael M. / Yelp

Pre-wrapped and sitting under a heat lamp? Those are going to be some really dry burritos.

WTF is kaleamole and who thought it was a good idea?

??? #kaleamole

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Guacamole is just fine as it is. Take not from the New York Times and their guacamole-pea abomination. Guacamole does not need fixing.

Actually, your kaleamole looks more appetizing than your regular guacamole.

Credit: Marissa G. / Yelp

Never in my life have I seen guacamole with that kind of texture.

Look at this sad-looking Mexican lunch.

Credit: Pete C. / Yelp

Every last bit of this meal seems questionable. Romaine lettuce? What is happening to the tomatoes and what kind of cheese is on the beans? What is lurking inside those enchiladas?

But wait – they’ve taken black beans to the “next level.”

Just kidding. Why would you do that? What if we’re dipping our chips into beans… that’s like some weird form of snack cannibalism.

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There are also Brown Rice Tortillas… just let that sink in.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.46.56 AM
Credit: wholefoodsmarket.com

Rice goes in the burrito so why make the tortilla out of it? Is whole wheat not trendy anymore?

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What the hell even are Sprouted Ancient Grains?

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.47.29 AM
Credit: wholefoodsmarket.com

Corn, flour, or wheat. Those are all the tortilla flavors you need.

Oh, did you know some Whole Foods markets have a taco stand?

Credit: Vatche K. / Yelp

WHERE’S THE TAQUERO?! Watching the taquero hook up your tacos is the best part!

Hey, Whole Foods…


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