Who Would’ve Guessed That Hilary Duff And RBD Actually United In One Of Rebelde’s Episodes

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Back in the early 2000s, most of us were obsessed with all things “Rebelde”. But even some of the biggest fans might have missed this major episode where Hilary Duff made a guest appearance.

If you were obsessed with RBD, then you for sure knew this song:

#soloquedateensilencio #AyA ?? #RBDFOREVER

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So nostalgic.

And if you were also a Hilary Duff fan, then you definitely knew the lyrics to this song:

Always loved this song 🙂 forever on all my playlists #hilaryduff #soyesterday

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At the time we thought those words were the ultimate clapback to a loser ex. We were so cool, right? #Cringing…

But do you remember the episode on “Rebelde” when Hilary Duff and the band RBD actually met?


And as you can tell, the members of RBD were pretty stoked to see Hilary Duff.

But Hilary Duff also couldn’t believe that they were the actual band RBD.


Because at the time RBD was HUGE, and anyone – even a global pop star – would be honored to meet them.

But as soon as the group started singing, Hilary Duff knew FOR SURE that this really was the famous band RBD.


They sang the one song that would confirm it was really them.

After taking a picture together, Mía (in classic Mía fashion) tried to snatch Hilary Duff and make her her new best friend. ?


Because if you know Mía, then you should know she’s always trying to make friends with the most popular people.

Check out the full video of their random encounter below:

Soooo random, but so awesome.

Later in an interview, Hilary Duff talked about her experience said she felt honored to be on the show, even though she admits she wasn’t familiar with the band at first.


Who knew these early 2000s pop stars would come together on “Rebelde”?

Oh and check out this little gem:

There’s also a song mix of Hilary Duff’s “Your Little Voice” and Rebelde’s “Tu Dulce Voz.” They should’ve just created an entire mixtape together.

Here’s what Hilary Duff and the women from “Rebelde” look like today.


They’re so grown!!?

In case that didn’t make you feel old enough, take a look at what your crushes from 10 years ago look like now.


Not your high school crushes anymore!

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Intelligence Report On Donald Trump Dropped Today, And Twitter Went Crazy


Intelligence Report On Donald Trump Dropped Today, And Twitter Went Crazy

ABC News

If you were on social media over the last few hours, you probably saw more than your fair share of jokes about a totally natural human function. Here’s what happened.

Warning: Graphic Content Of A Sexual Nature

Today, Buzzfeed released an as-yet-unverified intelligence dossier which claims the Russian government has spent the past several years gathering “compromising information” about Donald Trump, including his alleged love of “perverted sexual acts” involving women urinating in front of him. Of course, when social media caught wind of this, they immediately reacted like mature adults. Just kidding. Twitter acted like Twitter and spent hours making joke after joke.

John Leguizamo was quick to give his opinion on whether or not Donald Trump will continue with his scheduled press conference given the circumstances.

Tbh, would anyone really want to discuss their bedroom affairs with the press?

Here’s an example of art imitating life.

I’m no critic, but this is number one in my book.

The yellow highlighting really sets the mood for this information.

Some people did come to his rescue to offer excuses.

Everybody loves to prove the haters wrong.

This guy learned that the Internet just can’t be left alone with its own thoughts.

FYI, there’s this thing called a Twitter app, so you never miss the important stuff again.

Other people used the breaking news to practice their Photoshop skills.

Gives a new meaning to “leaked album.”

Soon the story got a little twisted and the “piss” was everywhere.

The documents do say the pissing was done on a bed, just for reference.

The allegations gave a whole new meaning to some of Trump’s old tweets.

In hindsight, he’s been hinting at this all along.

Everybody’s face after hearing the news of Trump’s alleged fetish:

Think of the little ones!

There was this solid comparison.

We’ve all seen the gold-plated interior of any Trump-owned building.

To be fair, Trump tweeted his response, claiming this was another mainstream media attempt at yellow journalism.

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Found any funny tweets? Share them in the comments below.

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