What You Go Through When You’re Not The “Ideal” Curvy Latina

Almost everyone assumes all Latinas have bodacious bods like Sofía Vergara and J.Lo – and you don’t, you won’t be considered a “real” Latina. Well, surprise! Not all Latina genetics come with plentiful butts, boobs or hips. So here’s what happens when you’re a not-so-curvy Latina and just tryna make it #werk in spite of such great adversity.

Abuela will always be having a conniption that you haven’t eaten enough.


She’s more up-to-date with your body fat percentage than her favorite novela.

…Even though she feeds you enough to nourish a small country.

Your tía will buy you a faja to get you snatched ⏳.

Even you start to doubt and compare yourself to your curvy primas.

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Was this just me? Doubt it.

The rest of your fam hits you with the “Ay, qué flaca estás” every time they see you.

You die a little when outsiders describe a “real” Latina.

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…because apparently only ones with big butts like J.Lo count. #sorrynotsorry my genetics don’t fit into your “ideal.”

All this starts messing with your head, and you realize you’re stuck with an impossible standard to live up to.

You should have skinny arms and a tiny waist, but enormous boobs and a backside big enough to keep up with the Kardashians.

You give in and do the impossible to grow.

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Like doing ridiculous diets and Instagram exercise challenges to plump yourself up.

…Until you realize those boob exercises don’t work.

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Nope. And binge-eating pastelitos won’t go to your ass either. You’ve tried and failed.

People (even your own family members) feel the need to remind you of your body type.

And you never know how to react.

…And you will henceforth and forevermore be known as ‘Flaca.’

But whatever. You’re still you and you’re still hot.

You’re still lucky enough to be a Latina, and no matter what shape and size you are, you’re gorgeous.~*~*~

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Do people try to be cute and ask you where your ~Latina booty~ is? Do you kindly tell them to mind their own business? Let us know your struggles in the comments and don’t forget to share!

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