When You Have A Mom Like This, You’re Counting The Days For Second Semester To Start

Everyone loooves winter break, especially if you’re a stressed-out college student attending school far from home. But once you’re back home during break, it’s not all rainbows and sparkles. It has its ups and downs, and this is what you end up having to deal with…

You finally get the chance to relax after a stressful week of finals.


Goodbye sleepless and stressful nights of studying, hellooooo vacation.?

HA, sike! You THOUGHT you were going home to relax.

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you’re going to get away with not doing chores. It’s a break from school, not a break from life.

Sleeping in isn’t really an option.?


Not even during the weekends. ?

You also lose the privacy you had back in college.


As long as you’re under your parents’ roof, your business is their business.

You now have to worry about curfew hours during the weekends.


Late night parties? Sleepovers?… ummmm, no.

And you’ll get stuck babysitting, since all of your younger siblings, cousins and nephews are also on winter break.?


Yayyyyy. ?

But on the plus side, everyone low-key spoils you because they miss you.?


And it’s the holidays, so they’re in extra good spirits

You also get home-cooked meals!! ???


Which is way better than constant junk food.

And if you get the flu while you’re on break, your mom will for sure take care of you con sopita, vaporú y todo.


When you’re away at college you don’t have mom at home to take care of you.?

And before you head back to school, your family will make sure to send you off with lots of goodies.

AKA food till midterms.

Overall, living away from home during your college years makes you appreciate your hometown and family so much more. ❤️


Which is why winter break is such a blessing.?

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