11 Times Latinos Gave Foil A New Purpose In Life

At this point, we should have a patron saint of foil. What would Latinos do without this ingenious invention? Don’t answer that…no one wants to live in that world.

When you want cereal but don’t want a dirty bowl.


You can get your night-out curls without having to go to a hair salon. ?

Nothing says happy 107-month anniversary like a love note wrapped in foil.


It made that Tego Calderon look attainable.


Any battery can fit the remote if you are creative enough.


Admit it, mami taught you how to keep a clean kitchen.

It can also be a useful weapon cuando tu hermano pisses you off.

It also makes great Tupperware if you are in a pinch.

Who needs a brillo pad when you can bunch up some old foil.

Shitty reception? Foil the antenna and you are set to watch Rebelede till sunrise.


And, like paper towels, foil can be reused until it falls apart. #thatlatinolife


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