11 Times Latinos Gave Foil A New Purpose In Life


At this point, we should have a patron saint of foil. What would Latinos do without this ingenious invention? Don’t answer that…no one wants to live in that world.

When you want cereal but don’t want a dirty bowl.

“Mira eso. No more washing dishes.”

You can get your night-out curls without having to go to a hair salon. ?

Raise your hand if you and your amigas ever used this trick? ???????

Nothing says happy 107-month anniversary like a love note wrapped in foil.


“107 months strong, babe.”

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It made that Tego Calderon look attainable.


Mami: ¿Y porque estás desperdiciando todo el papel aluminio?

You: What do you mean wasting? It’s called fashion. Geez.

Any battery can fit the remote if you are creative enough.

Because every family always had a lack of batteries and novelas are a top priority.

Admit it, mami taught you how to keep a clean kitchen.

I’m not saying she has a point but…maybe buying new ones is a better idea.

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It can also be a useful weapon cuando tu hermano pisses you off.

“Atrévete, bro.”

It also makes great Tupperware if you are in a pinch.

It’s strong and flexible. What more can someone ask for?

Who needs a brillo pad when you can bunch up some old foil.

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Nobody knows how to clean like a Latino. Gracias, abuelita. You taught me right.

Shitty reception? Foil the antenna and you are set to watch Rebelede till sunrise.

Me: Ma! Where is the foil?

Ma: No hay más. Junaito needed something to carry his chiles rellenos in.

Me: ?

And, like paper towels, foil can be reused until it falls apart. #thatlatinolife


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You can wash it, dry it, and use it tomorrow to hold your lunch.

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