What Your Latina GF is Probably Up to When She Doesn’t Reply

Where’s your girl at? I mean, if she’s always on her phone, why isn’t she responding to your text? Here’s a couple of things she might be doing…

Looking at engagement rings.

JLo Ring
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty

Nimodo papá, time to start donating some blood. Oh! That’s why they call it a ‘blood diamond’!

Talking to her future suegra, AKA your mom.

Credit: iStock

“… and then he fell asleep and pooped his pants. Apoco no está cute?”

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She’s throwing away your fútbol stuff.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 5.17.52 PM
Credit: @nasciely.xo / Instagram

Pretty soon, the only América you’ll be watching is America Ferrera on Ugly Betty.

She’s working giving your Facebook a facelift.

Smiling businesswoman working on paperwork and laptop in the office.
Credit: iStock

She probably posted a ton of your kissing pictures giving “se te apareció el diablo” a whole new meaning.

She’s giving your dog a makeover.

Pitbull Trevi
Credit: dogsinduds.com

Pit bull meets Gloria Trevi!

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She’s redecorating your apartment.

Iggy Room
Credit: @thenewclassic / Instagram

Hey, at least now your room has a swing… and Iggy Azalea.

She’s hiring a bruja to get you to propose.

La Bruja
Credit: Chespirito/Televisa/es.elchavo.wikia.com

Sorry, man. You can’t escape La Bruja del 71!

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She found that special folder on your laptop.

Credit: loadingreadyrun.com

Why do you even have a folder?! It’s called streaming, bro.

She’s messing with your X-Box.

CREDIT: Break / YouTube

Her: You’re gonna have time for me now!

She left you for Chicharito.

Fe y confianza!!!… Muchísimas gracias por el gran apoyo en LA!… #blessed

A photo posted by Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez (@ch14_instagram) on

Credit: @ch14_instagram / Instagram

Who’s scoring now?

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She’s taking a vow of celibacy.

Credit: Robin Hood: Men In Tights/Twentieth Century Fox

Good thing I’m a locksmith! ?

She’s planning on running into your ex.

Credit: Maria la del Barrio/Televisa

Maybe you should just call…

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Do You Recognize the Latino Actor Who Plays El Diablo in 'Suicide Squad'?'


Do You Recognize the Latino Actor Who Plays El Diablo in ‘Suicide Squad’?’

Have you seen the official trailer for Suicide Squad?


Credit: DC Comics / Warner Bros.

The movie features a band of DC Comics villains who are brought together by the government for a “special” mission.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s your chance to catch up. If you have, watch the trailer again:

Comic book geek heaven.

OK, so you probably noticed the tatted up cholo with flames coming out of his hands.


ICYMI, there’s a “Mi Vida Loca” tattoo near his right shoulder.

His name is Chato Santana, but you can call him El Diablo.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

And he’s played by Jay Hernandez. Yeah, the same Jay Hernandez from Crazy/Beautiful


As well as Hostel, Friday Night Lights and Gang Related.

El Diablo isn’t a random cholo created just for the movie. The character was established in 2011 as a part of DC’s New 52 Universe.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures / DC Comics

In the Suicide Squad comics, Chato Santana is a criminal who meets the original El Diablo, Lazarus Lane, while being treated for gunshot wounds in a hospital. Lane, who is in a coma, transfers his powers to Santana before his death.

So what are El Diablo’s powers? He shoots flames from his hands.


Although he’s packing a flame thrower in each hand, Santana is no hero.


In the Suicide Squad comic book,  Santana attempts to collect a debt from gang members and burns down their building in retaliation. Later, Sanatana learns he has killed innocent women and children, so he turns himself in to police.

If you play video games, you may remember El Diablo from Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

Credit: Lego / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Criminals have never been cuter.

And from the looks of it, Hernandez can’t wait for people to see him in action:


“Bringing this character to life has been an amazing journey. Summer 2016, be ready. #suicidesquad #eldiablo.”

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