What You Say vs. What Mamá Hears

What is it about Latina moms and their hearing? You say one thing and your Latina mom hears something totally different. It’s like their ears are equipped with some kind of crazy mom translating device. Take these instances for example…

What You Say: Voy a salir con mis amigas

What She Hears: I’m the boss y me mando sola

What You Say: No tengo hambre

What She Hears: No me gusta tu comida

What You Say: I’m Bored

What She Hears: Dame más quehaceres

What You Say: I’m staying out late tonight

What She Hears: If I’m not home by 9:59 p.m., file a missing person’s report

What You Say: I need Advil

What She Hears: Where’s the Vicks?

What You Say: I don’t know how to cook frijoles

What She Hears: I’m never going to find a husband

What You Say: I’ll take the trash out later

What She Hears: You do it, you’re my sirvienta

What You Say: But I did wash the dishes!

What She Hears: ¡Te veo cara de pendeja!

What You Say: I’m spending the night at my friend’s house

What She Hears: I’m going to sleep at a guy’s house and have an orgy.

What You Say: What?

What She Hears: $*¢% @*$3

What You Say: Can we stop by Taco Bell?

What She Hears: Me gusta comer ch*ngaderas.

What does your mom think she “hears” you say? mitú wants to know. Tell us in the comments below.

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