Heres What You’re Like As A Novia According To Your Sign

Most Latinas have this unspoken ritual of reading their daily horoscope before leaving the house every morning – or watching Walter Mercado every evening. Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, your sun sign says a lot about the kind of girlfriend you are…

Aries: Intense & Passionate

Taurus: Seductive, Yet Traditional

Gemini: You Already Know What They Call You…

Cancer: Timid, But Low-key Sensual

Leo: Queen Of The Jungle

Virgo: Logical & Perfectionist

Libra: You’re In Love With Love

Scorpio: Demanding & Jealous

Sagittarius: Adventure Seeker

Capricorn: Extreme Romantic

Aquarius: You Just Do You

Pisces: Total Dreamer