Heres What You’re Like As A Novia According To Your Sign

Most Latinas have this unspoken ritual of reading their daily horoscope before leaving the house every morning – or watching Walter Mercado every evening. Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, your sun sign says a lot about the kind of girlfriend you are…

Aries: Intense & Passionate


Your partner better be ready to deal with a full-blooded, independent, forceful woman. Whoever wants to catch this woman better put on their running shoes — it’ll be one hell of a race! Aries embodies “las mujeres son complicadas” to a tee. You want freedom and absolute togetherness at the same time – even if you don’t know what it means. Celosa is an understatement when it comes to you, but it has nothing to do with lack of confidence, you just love to have the entire cake for yourself.

Taurus: Seductive, Yet Traditional


Your killer smile and sensual attitude might have people thinking you’re fácil, but are they wrong. You won’t take being anyone’s second choice or one night stand, you aim to be a lifetime, caring and giving companion, and will not settle for less than the number one spot. Your prospective partner better be ready to woo you and pursue you, even though you probably have your mind made up since the first time you saw this person.

Gemini: You Already Know What They Call You…


You have a multi-dimensional personality – which can be confused for being two-faced. On one hand, you want to be adored, admired and cared for, but the stronger side of you yearns for stimulation and novelty. Atrapar tu corazón is hard task, most potential partners will become dull in your eyes faster than they can say “buenos días.”

Cancer: Timid, But Low-key Sensual


You’re shy, sweet, yet never very forward. You send a couple of subtle signals when you like someone, but will not do much more, you’re too protective of yourself to deal with potential rejection. You look for a partner that’ll give you love and security – so you start planning the kind of house you want to live in. If he dares mess with you, you will never fully trust that sucker again.

Leo: Queen Of The Jungle


You’re perfect, and anyone who states otherwise is estúpido. Most praise you, admire you and shower you with applause when you’re around. You don’t like to lose, so you’d rather not get into the race. If your potential partner so much as expresses his interest for another woman, it’s boy bye.

Virgo: Logical & Perfectionist


People who don’t really know you think your corazón is as cold as ice. It’s not that you don’t have feelings, it’s more like you find no use for them. You take your sweet time to choose a partner because you hate failure above everything else and because your partner needs to be perfect. Whoever wants to be with you will require a lot of patience.

Libra: You’re In Love With Love


You view seduction as an art form, and people might take you for a flirt just because you love to socialize. You could be a protagonista de novela, as your love life is filled with intense emotions and drama. You can’t deal with the concept of being single forever, but it’s difficult for you to commit to a real relationship. You’re a creative, but often times lazy lover. ¡El amor is such hard work!

Scorpio: Demanding & Jealous


Whoever is thinking about having you as la otra, can turn around now. You’re not one for sharing, neither are you interested on being anyone’s one night stand. You’re extremely possessive and jealous, but your partners would agree it’s worth the while. You can drive people mad… and bring them back to live with a single sonrisa.

Sagittarius: Adventure Seeker


Whether it’s jumping off a cliff into the deep waters of the sea or taking a last minute trip to Mexico, you crave adventure and treat your love life as such. You’re pretty positive, but hate people who try to domesticate you. If things aren’t working out for you, it’s quite easy for you to say adiós. You yearn for an adventure companion but unlike other signs, love is not the end goal of your life.

Capricorn: Extreme Romantic


Aunque la gente no lo crea, it’s hard for people to imagine you being all passionate and extravagant, but that’s your true nature. El amor a primera vista is as real to you as a pink unicorn. You want someone who will love you and cherish you BUT you will not come near him until you’re done watching his every single move from a safe distance. They better not try to fool you, either — you will take your sweet time until the mask drops.

Aquarius: You Just Do You


You know how most people would put out an impeccable facade of perfection when they first start dating? What a waste of time! You are not a macho’s trophy and will not follow any lead, but your own. Te vale madres what the rest of the world thinks, you’re unpredictable and that’s that.

Pisces: Total Dreamer

You’re mysterious and you know it. This drives potential partners on an unstoppable quest to figure you out. Your natural softness and innocence makes others want to protect you and care for you. Eres pura sensibilidad and will quickly look for an exit if what you hear or see doesn’t sit right with your gut. A strong, decisive and protective man will be your perfect match. To you, love is a top priority and anyone who puts you second to, say, a love for fútbol, will not get far with you.

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