What It’s Really Like Growing Up With a Single Mom

Growing up with a single mom, la jefa de jefas, is a pretty unique experience. On the one hand, you learn to appreciate and value her strength and determination. On the other hand, you’ve gotta seek out your own father figures in life. A blend of struggles and perks, this is what growing up with a woman head of the household was like for me:

1. We had to make do with one income.

2. I only needed mom’s permission.

3. You don’t stress over wondering whether women can do it all.

4. We didn’t spend much time together.

5. And, thus, independence was the norm and a necessity.

6. Which means my homemaking skills are A+.

7. I learned to count my blessings.

8. My friends, and their families, became my extended familia.

9. I developed an incredible sense of loyalty.