What It’s Really Like Being La Hermanita Menor


Even though we grew up in an open-minded household, the relationship between my brother and me has been traditional in many ways. There is no denying that being la hermanita menor isn’t always the easiest of tasks.

1. For one, no man is ever going to be good enough for me.


As far as my protective brother is concerned, the list of musts a potential novio has to have is endless, grows over time, and is subject to change without any sort of explanation or previous notice.

2. If you mess with me, my bro will kick your ass.

My brother’s about the chillest dude I know, but nothing is thicker than blood, and when it comes to la familia, hurting his little sister will most certainly free his inner narco.

3. I am my brother’s best friend’s “lil’ sister” by extension.


Chances of ever dating my brother’s hot friends, getting wasted at a party with them, or messing with a boy when they’re around are non-existent.

4. He always “knows better.”


Either because he’s lived longer, “been there, done that,” or simply because “yo lo digo.” (Mayor eye roll.)

5. I have some big shoes to fill.


My big brother is like a shooting star, and I was never able to forget it. In fact, “mira a tu hermano” was probably mom’s favorite phrase when I was growing up.

6. He’s practically a surrogate parent.


Mom is commander in-chief, no question, but my brother takes her spot when she’s not around. There is no way around that power equation.

7. There are a total of five baby pictures of me.


The excitement of having a kid was mostly used up on my brother and his ever-so-glorious collection of professionally shot photographs.

8. I’m forever la bebita de la casa.


And I will remain so until the day I die.

9. Growing up, I was dressed in boy’s hand-me-downs.


This is before the term “vintage” was remotely cool and when my hair was so short everyone thought I was actually a boy. Thanks, bro.

10. I grew up convinced I was adopted.


Older siblings are evil. Period.

11. My brother saw me as his little servant.


Especially when he was hungover and had some dirt on me. >:(

That said…

12. I wouldn’t trade being my brother’s hermanita for anything.


I couldn’t ask for a better hermano mayor.

Your Siblings Won’t Be Able To Thank You Enough If You Buy Them Any Of These Gifts This Year


Your Siblings Won’t Be Able To Thank You Enough If You Buy Them Any Of These Gifts This Year


‘Tis the season to go broke, if you are even getting people presents. It might seem like it’s expected, but, honestly, they won’t get mad if you just show up. If you and your siblings are still playing like you can afford to buy each other gifts and haven’t given up, more power to you. The beauty of gift giving as Latinos is that it must always be at the expense of someone, or be meant to get a laugh out of todo la familia.

Pues, we did all the work in crafting the perfect gift guide for any of your hermanos, so that way you can spend that time actually working for the money to buy it instead.

The Pros And Cons Of Being In A Small Latino Family


The Pros And Cons Of Being In A Small Latino Family

Credit: @nayarivera / Instagram

Unlike with most traditional Latino familias, I grew up in a small family of a single mom and an older brother.  I’m extremely proud of my family and totally acknowledge that navigating in such a tiny boat was both a blessing and a curse.

Navidad was awesome.


My brother and I got tons of presents.

But it was also lonely.


We didn’t have a loud, fun family to share it with.

My brother always had my back.


Even though we got on each other’s nerves half the time.

We got to travel a lot ?.

But always had to pay for accommodations since we didn’t have an extended family to visit.

I didn’t really have to share my stuff.


Pero as a child I often wished I did.

We got mami’s love all to ourselves.


But it came with a huge toll of expectations.

I didn’t inherit my older sister’s clothes.


But I did my brother’s (and looked like a niño for a while growing up.)

We didn’t have to ask dad for permission.


But I missed having a papi.

I admired my older brother more than anyone else.


Even when often I couldn’t stomach him.


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