What It’s Like Traveling To Your Home Country

Whether you’re a first, second or third generation Latino, regardless if it’s your first or the 10th time going to this country, there are things that always happen when you visit the motherland…

Abuelita overfeeds you.


Porque estás muy flaca.

Your cousins steal half your wardrobe.


Porque you can’t buy that here (yet).

You pay extra bag fees.


Porque todo el mundo wants a present.

You feel like rich.


Porque cargas dólares.

Your family makes fun of you.


Porque tu español no es perfecto. Gringa alert.

You don’t get to practice your Spanish.


Porque your primos want to practice their English.

You go overboard with your shopping.


Porque everything is SO cheap compared to the U.S.

You miss the U.S.


Pero los extrañarás cuando te vayas ❤️.

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If Donald Trump Gets His Wish, This Is What Los Angeles Would Look Like Without Immigrants


If Donald Trump Gets His Wish, This Is What Los Angeles Would Look Like Without Immigrants

Immigrants have always been and will always be part of the fabric of this great country.

It’s unfortunate that immigrants have been used as a political punching bag this election, that Donald Trump has convinced his millions of supporters that the people who willingly do the back-breaking work no one wants to do are the root cause of everything that’s supposed to be wrong with America. This narrative has always been a lie.

The truth is that the majority of people who came to this country did it in search of a better life and are willing to put up with just about anything to get a crack at the American dream. And in the process of doing that, immigrants give a whole lot more than they take. In fact, some of them become actual, certified geniuses.

Los Angeles Magazine commissioned the video you see above, which shows just exactly how much we would lose if immigrants weren’t in this country. The magazine, by the way, will devote its upcoming issue solely to immigration.

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