The Pros And Cons Of Being In A Small Latino Family

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Unlike with most traditional Latino familias, I grew up in a small family of a single mom and an older brother.  I’m extremely proud of my family and totally acknowledge that navigating in such a tiny boat was both a blessing and a curse.

Navidad was awesome.


My brother and I got tons of presents.

But it was also lonely.


We didn’t have a loud, fun family to share it with.

My brother always had my back.


Even though we got on each other’s nerves half the time.

We got to travel a lot ?.

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But always had to pay for accommodations since we didn’t have an extended family to visit.

I didn’t really have to share my stuff.


Pero as a child I often wished I did.

We got mami’s love all to ourselves.


But it came with a huge toll of expectations.

I didn’t inherit my older sister’s clothes.


But I did my brother’s (and looked like a niño for a while growing up.)

We didn’t have to ask dad for permission.


But I missed having a papi.

I admired my older brother more than anyone else.


Even when often I couldn’t stomach him.


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