Being the only Girl in the Family and The Most Awkward Things about it

When you’re the only girl in the family, you grow up just a little bit different.

You didn’t discover Barbies until you were thirteen…

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Because your parents gave you other knock-off dolls until you were officially a teenager…at which point your fascination was super awkward.

You had a black belt in tickling defense.

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Because you always had to defend yourself against your three older brothers.

You’re a huge sports fan.


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Other girls pretend to please their dates. Your date pretends to please you.

You had no one to ask about the growing lumps on your chest.

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Asking your older brothers would be super awkward and borderline creepy.

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You had no one to play dress up with.

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Except that imaginary friend.

As a result, you were a total tomboy.

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Still are.

You have no trouble standing up for what you think is right.

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Like watching novelas.

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You hold the world record for nuggies recieved.

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Ya that hasn’t stopped.

Your prom date was threatened by more than just your dad at the door.

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No wonder it didn’t last.

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But you were always protected. No one could mess with their only sister…

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…except them.

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