9 Things You Should Never Say To Latinos Who Simply Aren’t Religious

Above Papi’s punishments and Mom’s mal genio, there was always the fear of God. The deal was pretty simple: If you behaved well, you’d wind up in heaven. If you misbehaved, you’d burn in hell.

Pero what happened to those who grew up in a Latino household and didn’t believe in any particular religion? They’d most likely hear some of these comments:

<Abuelita voice> “Vas a arder en el infierno.”

“You’re not part of this family.”

“Te envidio.”

“You’re a disgrace.”

“¿Cómo que no estás bautizada?”

“How are you ever going to get married?”

“If you don’t believe in God, ¿en qué crees?”

“Aren’t you afraid God’s going to punish you?”

“It’s just a rebellious phase; you’ll grow out of it.”