9 Things That Happen When You’re Over 20, Latina, And Single

Being 30 and single (or 20 for that matter) in a Latino family is no damn joke, especially as a woman. You’re expected to find yourself a good marido, get married and make as many babies as God sends. If you’re single, trust me, you’re not alone…

The first one to *blame* you for being single is your mother. According to her, you’re too damn picky.


Or you just happen to know you’re not going to settle for mediocre. Yet, she also dislikes every guy you bring around.

Abuela believes it in her heart you have been cursed.


Because how is it possible that her nieta hasn’t found a spouse?

Your cousin wonders of there’s something physically wrong with you.


And insists you see a doctor.

But everyone tries to set you up… with anyone.

You start to lose your identity.

Even your friends start to reassure you, “you’ll find a good one eventually.”


As if your happiness depended on it.

But the smart ones envy you.

You’re no longer asked whether you’ll bring a plus one to aaaall your family parties.

But mami insists she has the solution… attend Sunday mass.

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