9 Things That Happen When You’re Over 20, Latina, And Single

Being 30 and single (or 20 for that matter) in a Latino family is no damn joke, especially as a woman. You’re expected to find yourself a good marido, get married and make as many babies as God sends. If you’re single, trust me, you’re not alone…

The first one to *blame* you for being single is your mother. According to her, you’re too damn picky.


Or you just happen to know you’re not going to settle for mediocre. Yet, she also dislikes every guy you bring around.

Abuela believes it in her heart you have been cursed.


Because how is it possible that her nieta hasn’t found a spouse?

Your cousin wonders of there’s something physically wrong with you.


And insists you see a doctor.

But everyone tries to set you up… with anyone.


Even with los primos feos. They’re thirstier than you!

You start to lose your identity.


And are now referred to as “la tia.” La que no tiene novio.

Even your friends start to reassure you, “you’ll find a good one eventually.”


As if your happiness depended on it.

But the smart ones envy you.


Because… freedom!

You’re no longer asked whether you’ll bring a plus one to aaaall your family parties.


And you have more time to actually spend with your family than to worry about entertaining him.

But mami insists she has the solution… attend Sunday mass.


Because maybe you’ll find a good one there.

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The Latina Who Sparked MAC + Selena Got Emotional During Her Radio Interview


The Latina Who Sparked MAC + Selena Got Emotional During Her Radio Interview

This morning talking on my morning show about Selena x MAC, Lil’ Libros, and magic. ✨✨

Posted by Patty Rodriguez on Wednesday, October 5, 2016

You might not recognize the name Patty Rodriguez, but she is the Latina behind some of the ~coolest~ things happening for Latinos this year.

Rodriguez, a senior producer for “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” recently sat down with her boss to talk about the way she sparked the launch of MAC + Selena. That’s right. Rodriguez was the mastermind and muscle behind the petition that prompted the makeup company to finally release a makeup line dedicated to La Reina.

She was so instrumental in getting MAC + Selena to shelves that she was flown out to Corpus Christi, Texas to introduce the Quintanilla family at the launch event.

Rodriguez told Seacrest that originally she almost gave up on the line after MAC gave her a cold shoulder. Later, she saw a viral mock-up of a Selena makeup line, so she created the petition and went back to MAC with signatures.

“I really feel that my community deserves something like this after everything we have done,” Rodriguez told Seacrest.

But Rodriguez has done more than makeup. She is the co-founder of Lil’ Libros, a bilingual children’s book publishing company.

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Llego el jefe. Ándale! Act like you are working.

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Rodriguez told Seacrest that Lil’ Libros was rejected from “every major” publishing company in the U.S. Through tears, Rodriguez recalls to Seacrest how while she was pitching the books she was told that “Latinos don’t read to their kids.”

She also has her own line of jewelry: MALA.

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But the thing that makes Rodriguez truly grateful and emotional is being recognized by Los Angeles Times for her hard work. She was recently honored with Latinos de Hoy‘s Culture Ambassador Award.

Way to go, Patty. You deserve your award after everything you have done for our community. You have definitely proved yourself to be the best ambassador for Latino culture.

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