What It’s Actually Like Dating A Colombiana

Colombianas have to deal with plenty of preconceived ideas about who we are (plastic surgery alert). Still, there is some common ground Colombian women share. So novios, beware.

She’ll rip your head off if you say ANYTHING negative about James Rodríguez.

Forget about dancing Cumbia.

Cumbia originated from the Caribbean coast of Colombia and was fused with three other cultures: African, European and indigenous. For the most part, cumbia remains part of the culture that involves traditions like candle-holding and customary choreography. But nowadays, Colombians won’t take you cumbia dancing, unless it’s electro cumbia.

BUT you will spend a lot of time dancing.

You’ll need to keep your jealousy in check.

She’ll throw you off when you hear her call someone *else* papi.

Credit: The Voice / Fox

If you’ve never dated a colombiana you’ll quickly learn the large majority are natural charmers, outgoing and love to strike conversations with everyone they meet. Your mami will like her, your cousins will like her and your friends would want to hang out with her – with or without you.

Everything becomes a joke.

She’ll make you eat unimaginable things.

Blackouts might become a regular thing.

You’ll become addicted to arepas.

Her superstitions will take over your holiday plans.

Spelling will become a priority.