What If Your Angry Mom Quotes Were Motivational Posters

Because Latina moms have such a kind way with words.

When asking her for a basic necessity becomes a bother.

Love you too, mom.

When you get a B-.

Yeah mom, because I’ve never thought of that before.

When she knows you’re lying.

There’s no better feeling than imagining a giant holy being watching over you when you’re making out with your significant other.

When she needs you to tone it down… Or she’ll do it for you.

…is there a third option?

When you ask mom if she’ll let you go to the mall.

Of all the things God has to worry about, that’s probably not one of them.

When she wants you to get up and do something amazing with your life.

But saying this phrase would earn you a slap across the face.

When she tries to calm your stress.

“Porque todo tiene solución en esta vida menos la muerte.”

When she tries to tell you you’re haven’t done sh*t.

These stories range from two minutes to two hours. 80% of it might be completely fiction.

When she wants you to keep your head up because…

Your personal hygiene might be in question.

When she doesn’t want you to date.

You can be 18 or 81, you’ll still be too young to date.

When she — god forbid — sees you cry.

Because she doesn’t want you cry unless she provoked it.

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