Why 2015 Was the Worst Year of Them All

Next year. Next year is my year.

Resolution: Workout More

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Reality: Sat on my couch and binge-watched Teresa on Netflix. It’s December and I’m still fat. At least I learned how to be a bad… ?

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Resolution: Save Money

Pretty much sums up life ? #money #spendtoomuch

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Reality: Spent money like I had no bills to worry about.

Resolution: Eat More Salads

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Reality: I ate salads with a side of two enchiladas, rice and beans.

Resolution: Drink More Water

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Reality: Consumed my H20 in the form of frozen margaritas.

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Resolution: Not Curse

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Reality: I just don’t know how to speak another language.

Resolution: Learn How to Make Dinner

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Reality: I learned how to make dinner… reservations instead.

Resolution: Look More Presentable

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Reality: Jan. 2 I realized it requires too much time and effort.

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Resolution: Get Along Better with Mom

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Reality: I remembered why we don’t get along to begin with.

Resolution: Go to Church On Days Other than Easter and Christmas

#sundayfunday #friends #micheladas #enjoylife

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Reality: Brunched instead.

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21 Places To Spend New Year’s Eve In Latin America

Things That Matter

21 Places To Spend New Year’s Eve In Latin America

twitter / @SA_Expeditions

New Year’s Eve is big in Latin America and Latin America is HUGE!  

Brazil and Mexico, together, are bigger than all of Europe. Mexico — alone — is bigger than the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Portugal combined! And, Mexico is 25 percent smaller than Argentina! Brazil is just a hair smaller than Canada, the U.S., and China. Brazil is that big, yet it makes up less than half of the South American land mass.

The other half of South America includes includes countries like Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile — all Latin American countries that are larger than any European countries, save Greenland. Even the smallest countries in Latin America are big. Costa Rica, for example, is bigger than Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Taiwan!

No where on Earth is there a larger geographical area of people speaking the same language than Latin America.

And no culture loves to celebrate quite like Latinos! If you really want to celebrate New Year’s Eve, Latin America is the place to do it! Below are 21 great places to spend New Year’s Eve in Latin America!

1. Pacuare River, Costa Rica

twitter / @CcostaricaV

The Pacuare River is the heart of Costa Rica. A big-volume, Caribbean-jade-green river spills over black-volcanic-boulder rapids through dense jungle canyons. It is breathtaking. Run half the river day one; stay in one of the three 5-star river lodges on New Year’s Eve; and paddle out the next morning!

2. Merida, Mexico

twitter / @MXinforma

The most regal, progressive, clean, vibrant city in Mexico, Merida is also home of exceptional beaches as well as the Dzibilchaltun Ruins. Arguably the most beautiful pyramid in the Americas,  Dzibilchaltun towers over the jungle. Merida is everything Latin America can be!

3. Turneffe Atoll, Belize

twitter / @MillsGallivan

A tiny island just off the coast of Belize, Turneffe Atoll’s lapis-blue and turquoise-green Caribbean waters spill over coral reefs up onto pearl-white sand beaches that are backed by jungle. The one resort on the Turneffe Atoll is an island paradise.

4. El Cabo San Juan, Colombia

twitter / @AndreacordobaL

With tropical-green waters and orange, yellow, and brown sand, El Cabo San Juan is a kaleidoscope of colors. The people are just as diverse. And, there is lodging for every type of traveler. El Cabo San Juan is an unforgettable New Year’s Eve.

5. Managua, Nicaragua

twitter / @JaedAlexes2018

Managua’s architecture is the definition of Spanish-Colonial style. In Managua, there is history abound and beautiful buildings everywhere. And, Managua’s people are tranquil like those from by-gone eras. If you want a New Year’s Eve in a traditional Latin American Country, try Managua.

6. Quetzaltengo, Guatamala

pinterest / @marco_radames

There might not be prettier architecture in all of Latin America than there is in Quetzaltengo. Roman Catholic Churches and Parthenon-style columns holding up the buildings make Quetzaltengo a sight to behold on New Year’s Eve!

7. Utila Cays, Hondures

twitter / @RaulOBaltodano

The water is so clear and so shallow in Utila that its snorkeling rivals any anywhere in the world. The Cays offer a plethora of things to do out of the water as well, if you can drag yourself out of the Caribbean long enough to go see it.

8. Boca Del Toro, Panama

twitter / @CcostaricaV

Costa Rica has some of the most exceptional beaches in the world. But, so big and long and beautiful and unsullied are the beaches in Boca Del Toro, Panama that Costa Rica’s ticos go to Boca to “get away!” The lodging is great. The Night life is wonderful.

9.  Costa Del Sol, El Salvador

twitter / @Caro_cortez

El Salvador is Latin America’s smallest country, but very few places in the world have beaches as big as those in El Salvador. At low tide, you can walk five minutes from the palm tree line across sand out to the ocean. If you love big, sandy beaches, think Costa Del Sol on New Year’s Eve.

10. Tulum, Mexico

twitter / @CushWakeMEXICO

With respect to pure aethetics, there may not be a more beautiful New Year’s Eve destination in the Americas than Tulum. It has everthing including ancient ruins looking out over the most extraordinary of Caribbean settings.

11. Quepos, Costa Rica

twitter / @CcostaricaV

If your highest priority on New Year’s Eve is an endless choice of great establishments — all of which are right along or overlooking the ocean — go to Quepos. Quepos is so much fun. And Quepos, Costa Rica is super safe.

12.  Canoa Beach, Ecuador

twitter / @GringosAbroad

A long, deep, beautiful beach that butts up against cliffs on the north end, Canoa’s Pacific view is unmatched. And, the night life in Canoa offers plenty for a New Year’s Eve celebration as well.

13.  Barquisimeto, Venezuela

twitter / @juancarlosgc74

Barquisimeto is arguably the most progressive city in South America. It’s just different. The art, the architecture, the restaurants and entertainment, Barquisimeto is wildly entertaining day or night and certainly on New Year’s Eve.

14. Cuzco, Peru

twitter / @SA_Expeditions

If you love history and beautiful architecture, it does not matter how far back you want to go, Cuzco has it. Close to Machu Picchu, Cuzco has colonial-style Spanish architecture that rivals anything found anywhere in the Americas. And there is boundless nightlife.

15. Sorata, Bolivia

twitter / @BoliviaTurismo_
It is hard to believe there are really places like Sorata Bolivia. The geography is shockingly beautiful. And, Sorata is small and safe and friendly. Sorata, Bolivia is a place everyone should see.

16. Puerto Varas, Chile

twitter / @hbravog
Puerto Varas, Chili is the one city in Latin America that is completely out of place. It belongs in Europe. The old buildings are flawless. The new buildings are cutting edge. And the people have that easy going but sharp confidence only found in Europe. And wow what a place to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

17. Bariloche, Argentina

twitter / @turismo_plus

If you love a mountain setting, one like you imagine you’d find in Switzerland or Sweden, Bariloche, Argentina is can’t-miss. Everything in Bariloche is big and beautiful: the mountains and valleys and rivers and lakes. It’s how you imagine British Columbia, but bigger!

18. Florianopolis, Brazil

twitter / @dcelucci
Florianopolis, Brazil has mountains that come right up to the beach, mountains with great hiking and wonderful views. But, the beaches in Florianopolis are equally beautiful. No matter what you decide to do in Florianopolis, you can’t miss!

19. Roura, French Guiana

twitter / @AFD_en

Roura, French Guiana is for those people who want to do something on New Year’s Eve that no one has done. It is so small, that if you get a guide, it is as safe as any place in the Americas. But, Roura is really out there. Roura is at the edge of the map!

20. Punta del Este, Uruguay

twitter / @raulgho
Puenta del Este, Uruaguay is a Miami style city with sky rises and beautiful beaches and harbors with yachts and tons and tons to do at night. It is also exceptionally beautiful. If you like the best a big resort town has to offer, Punta del Este is the place to be on New Year’s Eve!

21. Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

twitter / @BradtGuides
If you want to take a seat and enjoy a seven-wonders-of-the-world type view, go to Kaieteur Falls in Guyana for New Years Eve. Think Niagara Falls, only much, much bigger!

Camila Cabello Filmed Herself Crying To The News That She Topped Obama’s 2017 Music Playlist


Camila Cabello Filmed Herself Crying To The News That She Topped Obama’s 2017 Music Playlist

“I made a video of me crying to it and I sent it to my friends.”

On a recent visit to “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” Camila Cabello celebrated the release of her debut album, “Camila.” Just a few days after the release, Cabello has already broken an iTunes record as the number one album on 99 iTunes charts around the world. On top of that, Cabello also discovered that her song “Havana” was at the top of Barack Obama’s list of favorite songs from 2016. In utter shock, Cabello sent an emotional video of her reacting to the news to her friends.

Despite the success Cabello is achieving, it’s not as special if she doesn’t have her family with her. Cabello talked to Fallon about her New Year’s Eve and why it was a bittersweet night. Although Cabello had the amazing opportunity to perform at the annual Jingle Ball concert at Madison Square Garden (where she ripped her pants during her performance), she wasn’t allowed to bring her family into the area where performers watched the ball drop. So she missed out on a special NYE tradition that she and her Cuban family participate in every year.

The Cabello family eats 12 grapes during the last 12 seconds of the New Year’s countdown. For each grape they eat they make a wish about what they want for the new year. It’s a tradition many Latinx families follow. Although this was a bitter moment for Cabello, she couldn’t be happier about all of the levels of success her music is reaching.

Congrats, Camila!??

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