Why 2015 Was the Worst Year of Them All

Next year. Next year is my year.

Resolution: Workout More

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Reality: Sat on my couch and binge-watched Teresa on Netflix. It’s December and I’m still fat. At least I learned how to be a bad… ?

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Resolution: Save Money

Pretty much sums up life ? #money #spendtoomuch

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Reality: Spent money like I had no bills to worry about.

Resolution: Eat More Salads

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Reality: I ate salads with a side of two enchiladas, rice and beans.

Resolution: Drink More Water

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Reality: Consumed my H20 in the form of frozen margaritas.

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Resolution: Not Curse

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Reality: I just don’t know how to speak another language.

Resolution: Learn How to Make Dinner

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Reality: I learned how to make dinner… reservations instead.

Resolution: Look More Presentable

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Reality: Jan. 2 I realized it requires too much time and effort.

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Resolution: Get Along Better with Mom

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Reality: I remembered why we don’t get along to begin with.

Resolution: Go to Church On Days Other than Easter and Christmas

#sundayfunday #friends #micheladas #enjoylife

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Reality: Brunched instead.

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