You’d Think Latino Parents Would Be Happy We’re Moving Away To College, But Noooo…

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Latinos are expected to live with their parents until forever. There are some of us, though, that like to rebel and disappoint our parents a little, so we sit them down and tell them that we want to go away for college. A travesty, I know, but this is what happens when you’re brave enough to do the unthinkable…

1. First, you give yourself that big pep talk…


It shouldn’t be that hard to bring it up… right? I mean, everyone has to leave the nest at some point.

2. And convince yourself to stay strong as you face the overwhelming guilt trip that is coming your way.


You can do it!

3. Then you realize you’ll need to tell abuelita, which is a totally different story.


It’s not going to be easy.

4. Your inner chillona comes out. Tears run. Lots and lots of tears.


Isn’t this supposed to be a happy time?

5. But you try to realize that this is a good decision!

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…even though it’s already starting to feel like anything but.

6. Your cousins will start reminding you of all the family events you’re going to be missing.



Like Mónica’s quince. Angel’s baptism. Ugh, I get it! But I’ll be doing whatever I want, whenever I want! Terrible frat parties! Pizza! PIZZA!

7. Mami will help you pack and remind you that you’re incapable of living on your own.


Who’s going to do your laundry and fold your clothes like she did?

8. Suddenly, you start doubting everything… again.


Seriously, how do they always do it to us?

9. Your parents help you fill out your roommate questionnaire so you don’t end up with a psycho killer…


Which is literally anyone who isn’t them or your grandparents because you could never sleep over anyone’s house anyway. Sorry, nice Katie with the 4.2 GPA, even you won’t make the cut.

10. When the day to drive to your new home comes, everyone will be sobbing.


Even your brother and the vecinos.

11. Speaking of everyone, they will *all* go to drop you off at your dorm.


You know, to screen meet your new roommate.

12. Mami will stock you up with Fabuloso and other cleaning supplies.


…and she will clean your new apartment or dorm before she leaves, even though it’s clean already. But we know it’s never clean enough by her standards.

13. Once you’re alone in your dorm, you’ll start missing your family terribly…


Oh yeah, homesickness is a real thing.

14. But that quickly fades when they start calling 24/7.



18 missed calls? Oh, and that’s on a light day!

15. And cry when you tell them you’re eating pizza for the eighth day in a row.


“Eso no es comida!!” Um, yes it is, Mom.

16. Which leads to some pretty epic care packages from home.


Full of pastelitos, instant bustelo and random nostalgic cositas you left in your room back home.

17. And when you’re ready to visit, you’ll come home to an epic reunion with the whole fam.


Food! Music! Cousins!

18. As sad as your family was, they’ll be extremely proud of the big step you took…



All of the struggles will start to make sense, finally…

19. And they’ll show you off and let everyone know of their brave, college bound child.


See! This was an amazing thing to happen for everyone. You’re not such bad kid, after all. <3<3

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Did you parents lose it when you wanted to go away to college? Did they give you space or stalk you through your dorm window? Let’s get through this together with your stories below!