We’re Closing 2016 And People Are Still Doing These Things When Meeting Latinos

Here’s some solid advice to share with your non-Latino friends to keep them from putting their foot in their mouth when meeting a Latino family…

Saying the obvious Spanish words eeeeeveryone learned in pre-k doesn’t make anyone think you’re fluent.


Unless you actually know the language, no Latino will be impressed by hearing someone say “hola” pronounced ho-la. Anyone who knows the language knows the “h” is silent.

Don’t make Latino jokes. Just don’t.


“You Colombians make the best coke in the world” is not an ice breaker. Take it from a Colombian herself.

Don’t assume all Latinos are all Mexicans.


C’mon, how many times do we have to go through this?

Drop the term Spanish.


Spanish = paella, tapas, cañas and flamenco, all related to ONE country: Spain. Hispanic = from any Spanish-speaking country, including but not limited to Spain.

Don’t drink too much.


Unless you’re actually used to drinking mezcal, aguardiente or ron cubano. Don’t try to keep up with someone else’s pace.

Eat all of your food.


Someone’s mami spent countless hours in the kitchen prepping a glorious meal for you.

Avoid the topic of religion.


It’s a touchy subject for everyone, but especially abuelita.

Learn who the family roots for.


This can often times turn into a heated debate.

Don’t call anyone “papi” or “mami.”


Even if they are, indeed, someone’s father or mother.

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