Genius Ways Our Parents Kept Us Cool During Heat Waves

Most of us (sadly) didn’t grow up in in a house with AC and a swimming pool. But that didn’t stop our parents from helping us survive summer’s worst heat waves. Here’s what they did…

They Kept Us Clean

Credit: @inayamot / Instagram

Because a bath is a poorman’s AC unit.

They Made New (Rich) Friends

Credit: frappacino / Tumblr

…With those who did have pools.

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¡Aguas Con Los Manguerazos!

Credit: @caiperanz / Instagram

They’d spray us with high-pressure water hoses. This not fun and it hurts.

We’d Go On Shopping Trips

Credit: austinmeowdodge / Tumblr

To AC-equipped grocery stores. Heaven.

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Or On Trips to Nowhere

Credit: quakertownmitsubishi / Tumblr

Just to enjoy the AC in the car.

They Froze Everything

Credit: scully-spice / Tumblr

From paper towels, to purses, literally everything.

They Maximized Fan Power

Credit: imaginashon / Tumblr / WB

By stuffing everyone into that one room with a janky fan.

When All Else Failed, There Was This…

Credit: recycleandcreate / Tumblr

Homemade icepacks. They thought this was the solution to everything ?.

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