Genius Ways Our Parents Kept Us Cool During Heat Waves

Most of us (sadly) didn’t grow up in in a house with AC and a swimming pool. But that didn’t stop our parents from helping us survive summer’s worst heat waves. Here’s what they did…

They Kept Us Clean

Credit: @inayamot / Instagram

Because a bath is a poorman’s AC unit.

They Made New (Rich) Friends

Credit: frappacino / Tumblr

…With those who did have pools.

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¡Aguas Con Los Manguerazos!

Credit: @caiperanz / Instagram

They’d spray us with high-pressure water hoses. This not fun and it hurts.

We’d Go On Shopping Trips

Credit: austinmeowdodge / Tumblr

To AC-equipped grocery stores. Heaven.

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Or On Trips to Nowhere

Credit: quakertownmitsubishi / Tumblr

Just to enjoy the AC in the car.

They Froze Everything

Credit: scully-spice / Tumblr

From paper towels, to purses, literally everything.

They Maximized Fan Power

Credit: imaginashon / Tumblr / WB

By stuffing everyone into that one room with a janky fan.

When All Else Failed, There Was This…

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 6.34.11 PM
Credit: recycleandcreate / Tumblr

Homemade icepacks. They thought this was the solution to everything ?.

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From Being Brutally Honest About Her Insecurities To Embarrassing Her, Only Sisters Can Get Away With These Things In Public


From Being Brutally Honest About Her Insecurities To Embarrassing Her, Only Sisters Can Get Away With These Things In Public


As far as siblings go, the special bond between sisters is one that’s hard to explain. If you have a sister, then you know that there are certain things you can get away with doing to her that none of your other friends would ever let you live down, or forget. Some of us have messed with our hermanitas, done the unforgivable, and lived to tell the tale.

Here are some things you’ve probably done that, otherwise, would have ended some friendships.

1.Tell her you hate how she looks.

Cardi B Ugh GIF by Saturday Night Live - Find & Share on GIPHY

Credit: Saturday Night Live, NBC

Friends don’t let friends look like basura in public. To some, you’d be called a hater for noticing that they’re slacking in the fashion department. We love our sisters, and it’s because we love them that we want to make sure that they always feel—and look—their best. While others might hold a grudge, with your sis you know it’s all love.

2. Get into a physical fight.

Credit: Modern Family, ABC

If you catch these hands with anyone else, it’s usually the end of a relationship. But with a sister, that’s all just a part of life, even if Mamí hates it.

3. Steal.


Money, clothes, shoes, food—what’s hers is mine, right? Although there are times that you can’t stand what she’s wearing, it only makes sense that somebody related to you has such great taste. (At least sometimes.)

4. Eat her food without being expected to pay her back.

Orange Is The New Black Latina GIF
Credit: Giphy

You know how they say money is the root of all problems? Some friendships add up to nothing more than nickles and dimes, if you catch our drift. But when you grew up under the same roof, chances are your taste buds are pretty in sync. What good is having a sister if she doesn’t read your mind and order that one other thing you’ve been eyeing on the menu?

5. Encroach on her “me” time and personal space.

Credit: The Voice, NBC

Like climbing into her bed and sleep with the lights in after a scary movie. When you can’t stomach something so terrifying, but are a little too embarrassed to squeeze into  a parent’s bed, snuggling up to your sister is the perfect protection. Plus, you can sacrifice her to the monsters in the closet or under the bed if anything goes south.

5. Get her in trouble with the law…almost.

Credit: Giphy

If you haven’t done it yet, you’ll do it soon. It might not be right, but in the right situation, there’s only one person you could pull this off with—without getting in too much trouble. Whether you’re an older or younger sister, an old license or beat-up school I.D. can get your favorite plus one in on the action. It’s especially helpful for sisters who love doing just about anything together.

6. Play wingman and get it wrong.

Credit: Jane The Virgin, the CW

Nobody knows you like your sister, supposedly. She’s seen you through your first infatuations, rebounds, and most devastating heartbreaks. Who better to introduce you to a new amiguito at the bar or curate the cutest dating app profile pictures for your new profile? At least until they ghost you…

7. Fight and act like you never fought.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Outside of familia, that’s considered fake AF. But with a sister, you can fight about anything from this list, and chances are that five minutes later you’ll be wandering into each other’s rooms to share nail polish and binge Netflix. Few things are worth fighting over with familia.

8. Spread lies.

Credit: Giphy

Growing up and even now, a sister can be your closest confidant and biggest cover-up. When you’re not in class like you said you were when you spent the money on some pendejadas when you said you wouldn’t, and yes, even when you get back together with that person your mom hates, your sister will be the one to have your back. And when the time comes, you’ll do the same for her and make sure you’ve both got the story straight.

9. Challenge her with the truth.

Credit: Huffington Post

We all hate to be told about ourselves. While tough love may end in heartache in other relationships, with sisters, being slapped back into reality with some truth is a blessing in disguise.

10. Expose her secrets.


In friendships of all kinds, we expect to be able to talk about the hard things and not be judged. A sister’s room especially should be an open door, a safe space. But, there are times when your sis shares something with you that could be dangerous to herself or others, and you have to break that seal of confidentiality to keep her safe. Some of us have said goodbye to old friends by putting their well-being first and having it be as interpreted as nosiness. Luckily, being lovingly nosy comes with the sister territory.

11. Ignore her.

Credit: Giphy

Flaking, being left on red, or forgetting to show up to things would bother any person. When it comes to your sister, the fact that you know you’ll talk to her or see her soon puts less pressure on both of you to keep up appearances and expectations.

12. Gossip about her.

No Way Laughing GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Credit: Jenny Lorenzo

Whether you are the oldest or the youngest, sometimes your sister just gets on your freaking nerves. At a certain point, you have to tell somebody! The good part about gossiping about your hermana is chances are, whatever you’re saying to somebody else is probably something you’ve already said to her face.

13. Act differently around her.

Credit: Giphy

We all have an outside persona that we project to the rest of the world. Our coworkers, friends, and classmates know one side of us, while our sisters know another. Instead of being called two-faced, with our best friends since birth we get to be our true selves with no negative consequences.

Here’s How A Small Get-Together Turns Into A House Party

bad hombres

Here’s How A Small Get-Together Turns Into A House Party

Christina Henderson / mitu

We’ve all thrown house parties. They usually happen by accident when the right combo of friends desmadrosos showed up with a banging playlist and a few cans of beer. Somehow those beer cans multiplied and so did the people. It ended with all your “friends” sneaking off, while you suffered your parents’ wrath, wondering how the house turned into such a mess. Here are a few ways that explain how your small kickback turned into a full-on house party.

Your parents went out and left you in charge. You were left as the man of the house.


Getting responsibilities is a rite of passage. Unfortunately, so is being irresponsible.

Your parents told you not to have anyone over. But then  you remembered who’s in charge.

CREDIT: Saved By The Bell / NBC / savedbythebellsabrina / Tumblr

You’ve heard the saying, “With great power comes great responsibility.” However, you may never get this chance again, so it’s your responsibility to take full advantage of it.

So, you invited a few friends to come by.

CREDIT: The Hangover / Warner Bros. / heyyaforever / Tumblr

Nothing crazy. People your parents know, the usual friends you hung around with.

But then they invited some friends over, too.

HQmvideo / YouTube

No big deal. The more the merrier, right?

And then their friends invited more friends over.

The Simpsons / FOX

It’s packed like Grand Central Station during the holidays, except nobody’s leaving, and it’s starting to smell like a Snoop Dogg concert.

Pretty soon, word got out, and everybody started showing up.

World War Z / Paramount Pictures

People that you’ve never even met before are raiding your refrigerator, eating mom’s leftovers. They’re helping themselves to your dad’s liquor cabinet and putting their feet up on your mom’s couch. It’s anarchy!

Before you knew it, you were the accidental host of a full-on house party.

Vevo-DUCK / YouTube

Things are officially out of hand. There’s people everywhere and the music is way too loud. If the neighbors don’t alert the cops, that call is gonna come from inside the house, because you gotta stop this.

You wanted to tell everyone to leave, but then that girl you like showed up.

seilor30 / YouTube

You didn’t even think she knew your name. Yet, there she was… in your living room. Your life has become the plot to every coming-of-age classic movie where the good guy gets the girl. Go for it, you crazy bastard!

So, you ignored the chaos and slid into ‘cool host’ mode.

Addams Family Values /  Paramount Pictures

You “suave” it up on the fly, and surprisingly, things go well enough that she actually takes you up on your offer to give her “the tour.” Maybe everything’s gonna be fine…

But, then someone breaks something…

Saturday Night Live / NBC

It might as well have been your neck that got broken, because when your parents find the coffee table destroyed., they’re gonna kill you.

…And it’s time to freak out.

Portlandia / IFC

Everything isn’t gonna be fine. Not even close. This is when you see the stains in the rug and the cigarette burns on the furniture. You’re gonna need a time machine to reverse this nightmare.

Everybody has to GTFO.

Lopez / TV Land

You’re like riot cop, screaming at a revolting mob. You’re directing human cattle towards the exits as people you’ve never met before knock framed pictures off the wall and call you a buzzkill on their way out.

Then you tried to speed-clean before your parents got home…

SpongeBob SquarePants / Nickelodeon

Even if you could clean it, you don’t have the time. You’re screwed.

But, you weren’t fast enough, and they busted you. Hard.

South Park / Comedy Central

The looks on their faces still haunt your nightmares.

Afterwards, you were grounded for so long that you never thought you’d leave your room…

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre / Warner Bros.

The only time your parents let you out was to go to church or family functions. The rest of your time was spent chiseling notches into your bedroom wall like a prisoner logs days in solitary confinement.

… But, when you’re a kid, that’s what you do.

TheBeastieBoysVEVO / YouTube

If you don’t push boundaries, you’ll never know how far you can go. Every inch is necessary to eventually establish yourself as an adult in your parents’ eyes. Go for broke, you crazy bastard!

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