#WeAreAmerica: Being Latino Means Being Proud of Two Cultures, Two Languages, and All These Things

Being Proud of Both Cultures

“Some people think being a Latino is a burden because of all the issues. But it’s a privilege,” says Ashley Soto, 17. Being a Latino in the US means countless different things. Every story, every experience is different and personal accounts range from coming here at a young age, to coming from a Latin American country a few years ago, to being born in the US to immigrant parents. For many others like Spencer Brenson from Lima, Peru and Santos Herrera from Portland, OR it means being proud of having two nationalities. mitú challenges you to tell us what being a Latino in the US means to you in your own story, with a social media post, a meme, or any way you feel most comfortable using #WeAreAmerica. Together, we will create a beautiful portrait of what it means to be Latino in the US.

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