A Woman Crossed the US-Mexico Border 7 Times and Her Daughter Made It Worth It

Being Latino Is the Best of Both Worlds

Sometimes we get a lot of backlash for not being “Latino enough” or even being “too Latino”– if that’s even a thing. But TBH, we have it so good! Being Latino in the US means we get the best of everything. We get all the opportunities our parents sacrificed for as well as all the culture from our parents’ country… like the food ?. Aurora’s mom attempted to cross the US-Mexico border over five times. She knows it was insanely tough, but she appreciates everything and is motivated to repay her back with her own success story.

Being a Latino in the US means countless different things. Every story, every experience is different and personal accounts range from coming here at a young age, to coming from a Latin American country a few years ago, to being born in the US to immigrant parents. mitú challenges you to share your own story in a social media post, a meme, or any way you feel most comfortable, and post it on your favorite social channel using #WeAreAmerica. Together, we will create a beautiful portrait of what it means to be Latino in the US.

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