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#WeAreAMERICA: This Latina Will Empower You to Kick Ass

#WeAreAMERICA: All Latinas are Beautiful and Strong

All Latinas need to see this video. It’s time to have the same confidence Melissa Zepeda has. F*ck those Latina stereotypes. This is how we do things.

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Being a Latino in the US means countless different things. Every story, every experience is different and personal accounts range from coming here at a young age, to coming from a Latin American country a few years ago, to being born in the US to immigrant parents. mitú challenges you to share your own story in a social media post, a meme, or any way you feel most comfortable, and post it on your favorite social channel using #WeAreAmerica. Together, we will create a beautiful portrait of what it means to be Latino in the US.

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