You Can Be A Proud Latino and Still Want to Become a U.S. Citizen

The Final Step

“To have an American Dream, you have to become American,” says Fernando Duran, 26. For every immigrant that pledges allegiance to the United States each year, citizenship gives them voting privileges, increased job opportunities and other rights that only U.S. citizens have. Annie Leal, 24, who became a U.S. citizen as a teenager, cherishes these opportunities. So does 1st generation college grad, Javier Arevalo.  The 25 year old takes pride in being part of this country’s decision-making process and says he looks forward to casting his ballot at each election. You can learn more about the citizenship process and hear from President Obama on how important it is at #StandStrongerUS.

With these three voices, mitú launches its series about the lives of young Latinos in the US. Personal stories range from becoming U.S. citizens, doing homework without access to wifi, having undocumented parents and other issues that impact them daily. mitú interviewed participants of NCLR’s youth summit this summer to begin gathering these incredible stories that are as diverse as the Latino population. Now mitú invites you to share your own story in a social media post, a meme, or any way you feel most comfortable, and post it on your favorite social channel using #weareAmerica. Together, we will create a beautiful portrait of what it means to be Latino in the US.

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