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#WeAreAMERICA: Hearing These People Talk About Latinos Will Warm Your Heart

Credit: We are mitú / YouTube

Non-Latinos Stand Up for Equality

It’s not just Latinos standing up for Latinos. People from other backgrounds have our backs too. There are so many reasons why people are willing to line up behind us to make some real change. Check out why Japanese, African-American and white youth are taking a stance to support us.

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10 Ways Our Parents Throw Shade at Our Style


10 Ways Our Parents Throw Shade at Our Style

Credit: @ramblinfever_ / Instagram

No matter how hard they try, our parents just don’t get fashion. They can’t help…

Scowling at Ripped Jeans

Credit: @foxxeey / Instagram

¿No tienes dinero para comprar ropa nueva?”

Beard Shaming

Credit: @pavonluca / Instagram

“Pareces homeless.”

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Commenting on the Nails…

Credit: @acrylic__nailss / Instagram

“Pareces viejita con esas uñas de bruja.”

Crying when We Go Blonde

Credit: @shakira / Instagram

“Are you ashamed of your heritage?”

Their Makeup Advice

Credit: @twosidedmakeup / Instagram

“You know los hombres like it better when they can see your face.”

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Attacks on Our Love for Yoga

Credit: @maryanadvorska / Instagram

“¡Cubre tu culo!”

Disapproval of Our Go-To Color…

Credit: Vampire Diaries / CW / arafehrazan / Tumblr

“You look like you’re going to a funeral…or like you’re a vampire.”

…And Tattoos

Credit: @ramblinfever_ / Instagram

Even if it’s dedicated to her.

…And Piercings

Credit: @amyrebecca / Instagram

Because decent young ladies only have two piercings and gentlemen shouldn’t have any…?

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