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People Complain Latinos Don’t Always Graduate, But These Signs Point to They’re Not Helping

Opening the Path to Success for Latinos

“America should provide the key that will lead to the door of success,” says Jesus Suatan. However, this country has limited access to education to students that are undocumented or don’t have the money to pay tuition. Let’s get real: the average cost for an in-state college is $10,000 for ONE year. Who has that kind of money just sitting in their bank account anyway? Limiting access limits potential – duh! So US, how about instead of limiting our potential, you help us grow? Watch above to see how these students are eager to demonstrate their capabilities.

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Watch Out, Even Fake Latinos are Being Chased by Cops

things that matter

Watch Out, Even Fake Latinos are Being Chased by Cops

david houser

David Houser, a police officer in Arkansas, pulled quite the stunt when he triggered a manhunt after reporting being shot by a young, Latino male at a stop sign last month.

Here’s the thing — IT WAS ALL A LIE.  Houser not only lied about the entire shootout, he actually shot himself and grazed his bullet-proof vest in order to make it seem believable.

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“The crime scene was staged. The bullet hole was self-inflicted,” Police Chief Nathan Cook said. “He had laid out some different caliber (casings) to make it appear he had exchanged gunfire. He did discharge his service weapon.”

No one really knows exactly why he did it, but some believe he had had personal issues. As of now, Houser has been fired from his post as a police officer.

Man, even fake Latino’s aren’t safe from the popo.

Get more details of the David Houser fabricated story here.

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