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Beer Tasted Like Piss and Clamato Was Disgusting, But We Can’t Get Enough of All These Drinks Now

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Look, it doesn’t make sense. There may not even be any science to back it up. But for some reason stuff we hated drinking as kids now have become brunch go-tos.


Tomato, lime and clam – together at last #clamato

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Let’s just say that tomato, lime and clam juice are an acquired taste or maybe we had to have a cruda to really appreciate the flavor. Can you even remember life before micheladas?


Since we can't buy it here we have to make our own #CaféCubano #delicious #missingmiami #goodmorning

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We loved café con leche with tons of sugar, but café by itself??? These days, its the fuel that gives us life in the morning.


Tarde, calor, best e gelada. Lov u moreco ?

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Eww, if we took a swig when it was anything less than ice cold it pretty much tasted like piss and smelled like it too. But don’t get me started on how much we love it now.


If beer tasted like piss, this tasted like piss with chile. Now it’s a favorite.

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Fruit punch that’s what we really wanted as a kid, not the wine-o version. Today we turn to this when we’re feeling sassy ?.


@luissandoval_15 I had to #santlaclara #eggnog #craving #rompope

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Seriously, who spiked the egg nog?

Cuba Libre

Noche que refresca #cubalibre #ticoangulofotógrafo #ron #coctel

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We never understood why adults would ruin a perfectly good Coke by pouring rum in it… Until we grew up and realized everything is better when spiked.



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A frozen margarita made us think it was going to taste like a slushie, but it so did not… It’s better.

Kahlua con Leche

Kahlua Con Leche is my favorite! ❤? @aleydaisela #kahluaconleche #myfavorite

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To be honest, this one wasn’t THAT bad, hee hee ?.

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#gazpacho #CocinaEspañola ??

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It’s literally salsa. We didn’t understand why people called this soup. It’s pretty much a V8 or Clamato without the clams. Ugh, but it’s soooo good.


Sweet and sour Mangonada

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Mangonadas are like a party in our mouth now, but as a kid they were so damn spicy.


All you wanted was the Squirt or Peñafiel, but that tequila ruined it… until we were of age. Now we’re obsessed with these in their cantarito.

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