How Growing Up with a Tico Dad is Anything but Basic

While everyone else watched The Crocodile Hunter, you were raised by one.

Credit: reptilefacts/tumblr

He’s got the blowgun to prove it.

That “hunter” gave you a machete for your 5th birthday present.

Every wall in the house was a different color.

He regularly tricked you into eating the spiciest chiles. 

Every meal had to include rice and beans…

Image Source: @shbunny/instagram

Even breakfast when all you wanted was pancakes…just once.

The house smelled like fresh food every hour of the day.


And the house also smelled like rotting food every hour of the day.

The yard looked like a jungle.

His childhood stories sounded like Mowgli’s memoirs.

And your suffering NEVER, EVER could compare. 

Credit: 20th Century Fox / myshipperheart / Tumblr

He’s survived flesh eating caterpillars and a volcanic eruption…he’s not impressed you broke a nail.

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