Ways Dad Said I Love You Without Saying I Love You

There’s something about Latino dads that make them a clam up when it comes to talking about feelings. It wasn’t often that they said the words “I love you,” but we know that’s what they meant when they gave us these regañadas…

Con quién vas?

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 1.59.28 PM
Credit: Glee / Fox

Followed by: What’s his name? Where does he work? Where are his parents from? What kind of car does he drive? Is he insured? What’s his license plate number? Because he always protects you no matter what ?.

Pregúntale a tu mamá.

Credit: Don’t Trust The B In Apt 23 / ABC / Samisoffthewall / Tumblr

Because he can’t say no to you.

Avísame cuándo llegues.

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Even if you’re just going down the street. He always has to make sure nothing bad happens.

Ya ven a la casa, son las 11.

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It’s annoying how he stays up waiting for you to come home, but it’s kinda cute that he can’t sleep knowing you’re not safe and tucked in at home.

¿Quién es ese vago?

Credit: @mamasitachula1 / Instagram

You can be dating a doctor and he’d still call him a bum. No guy will ever be good enough for his princess.

Ya aplácate.

Credit: deiteiocabelo / Tumblr

Sometimes he doesn’t even have to say a word. The look he gives is enough to tell you to behave… because he wants everyone to see you as the princess that you are.

Ándale para que aprendas.

Credit: sobbdeep / Tumblr

He wants you to f*ck up… so you bounce back stronger.

No te vas a ir de la casa hasta que te cases.

Wendy Dad
Credit: mitú

Because he doesn’t want to spend a day without you.

Ay muchacha. *shakes head*

Credit: lahoreweb / Tumblr

But you know he wouldn’t do anything to change your crazy ass.

Shoutout to all the dads who’ve loved us unconditionally ❤️.

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Here Are Nine Things That Will Make A Latino Dad Cry Every Time


Here Are Nine Things That Will Make A Latino Dad Cry Every Time


Like a lot of Latino dads, mine always kept a tough exterior. He was raised to be impenetrable, just as his father had been raised and so on. But that doesn’t mean he never shed a few tears.

There’s something about seeing your dad cry that simultaneously breaks your heart and freaks you out, and in some cases makes you laugh. Here are nine things that bring a tough dad to tears, without fail.

1. Mariachi music

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Un Hombre Llamado EL Diablo/Producciones Matouk

It’s over the second the strings start on “Amor Eterno,” also known as the most beautiful and heartbreaking song ever invented. It causes immediate weeping into a bottle of Pacífico.

2. Seeing his baby or grandbaby for the first time

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Dos Mujeres Un Camino/Canal de las Estrellas

Nothing like a tiny angelic baby made of his own blood to reduce a grown man to tears.

3. His fútbol team losing

Hombre GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Yup. The second the goal-winning score went to the other team it was the 7 stages of grief. “Noooo! No puede ser!” inevitably leads to light sobbing ,and then “estos cabrones siempre te dejan decepcionados.”

4. His fútbol team winning

Mark Foster GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Tears happen in agony and ecstasy. And seeing his beloved team win a major match always brings on the happy tears. It’s pretty cute.

5. A particularly heartfelt round of saying what you’re thankful for during Thanksgiving dinner

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Amores Perros/Lionsgate

The second the words “I’m thankful for my children and wife” come out of him, bye. Gone. Olvídalo. He loses it.

6. His daughter graduating or getting married

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Dos Mujeres Un Camino/Canal de las Estrellas

This. Right. Here. Seeing your dad sob almost uncontrollably just because he’s so happy for you is the greatest, most freakiest thing ever. Everyone is gonna be crying.

7. Your Mom

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Maria la del Barrio/Televisa

Whether he loves her or hates her, or even a little bit of both, the passion is there and he’ll cry angry tears, sad tears and/or happy tears when he gets started on her. Your mom has a lot of power of his tear ducts. And yeah, tequila is usually involved.

8. His mom

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It doesn’t matter how old he is. Latino dads are always and forever a mama’s boy, and your abuelita, whether she is alive or passed, will always set him crying. He may be remembering her, or perhaps he’s disappointed her in some way. Whatever the case, abuelita and your mom can make a dad cry real quick.

9. That being said: tequila

CREDIT: One Voice Radio/Memecrunch.com

Tequila brings out all the feelings. All of them. Any alcohol really. Alcohol gets all the dads weeping over something. That something can be any of the above, or something totally different. But the song “Tragos de Amargo Licor” was created for a reason, and that reason is because dads cry when they’re drunk.

Whatever the reason, seeing your dad cry is something you never forget. Latino dads catch the feels hard, and luckily you’re there to give him a hug when he needs it.

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9 Father-Daughter Dances That Prove Latino Dads Don’t Two Step


9 Father-Daughter Dances That Prove Latino Dads Don’t Two Step

We can all agree that the one moment that gives you the most feels at a quinceañera is the father-daughter dance. There’s just something special about a papi dancing with his baby teenager that makes you get a nudo en la garganta. Grab a tissue, these are going to give you all the feels…

You gotta love how dads are always willing to get down for their daughters.

You know his knees were not lovin’ that how low can you go move, but he did it for his hija adorada.

Like this dad who two-steps (at first) with his daughter to that one song that always puts a knot in your throat.

Credit: tiachata luera/YouTube

Press play. This dance goes from sweet to being complete dad goals.

Speaking of iconic songs, chances are you probably danced to this song at your quince or someone else’s. Watching Chayanne dance this with his own daughter makes it that much sweeter.

Hoy me tocó a mi un momento super especial en nuestras vidas. #QuiceAños #TiempodeVals

Posted by CHAYANNE on Friday, December 11, 2015

Credit: Chayanne/Facebook

In 1990, Chayanne released the song “Tiempo de Vals,” and 25 years later he’s dancing to it at his daughter’s quinceañera. If this doesn’t get you right in the heart… you might not have one.

And it’s always super sweet watching a dad let loose for his baby girl… even if his rhythm can’t keep up with hers.

Credit: Alejandro Yorado/YouTube

Also, wait for the peck on the cheek that daddy gives his daughter at the end. *Melts*

I mean, c’mon! How many dads are willing to put their pride down to teach their daughters’ friends how to douggie and shuffle… AND twerk like Beyoncé?

Credit: Yolanda Aguila/YouTube

This is one of those marathon dances that could leave you yawning in the middle, but this dad OWNS it. He was totally feeling himself.

These two didn’t give anyone the sudden urge to cry, but there were a ton of oohs and aahs.

Credit: Fairytale Dances/YouTube

Watching the way they enjoy their time together on the dance floor, you just know that they enjoy each other’s company in general.

This’ll definitely give you the feels as soon as you hear that first note.

Credit: Mireya Fernandez/YouTube

The mix of songs is on point and actually surprising. I mean, come on, a mix that includes Vicente Fernandez, The Gap Band, Bee Gees and Marc Anthony is not your same old, tired quinceañera father-daughter dance song selection… Papá even does the c-walk!

OK, this is your official warning to grab tissue.

Credit: Fairytale Dances/YouTube

Obviously, this was meant to tug at your heartstrings, and it totally works!


Bailando el vals con su padre y su hija especial

Posted by Milexi Contreras Sanabria on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Credit: milexi.contrerassanabira/Facebook

The way he picks her up and holds her throughout the whole dance is pure LOVE.

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