Ways Dad Said I Love You Without Saying I Love You

There’s something about Latino dads that make them a clam up when it comes to talking about feelings. It wasn’t often that they said the words “I love you,” but we know that’s what they meant when they gave us these regañadas…

Con quién vas?

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Followed by: What’s his name? Where does he work? Where are his parents from? What kind of car does he drive? Is he insured? What’s his license plate number? Because he always protects you no matter what ?.

Pregúntale a tu mamá.

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Because he can’t say no to you.

Avísame cuándo llegues.

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Even if you’re just going down the street. He always has to make sure nothing bad happens.

Ya ven a la casa, son las 11.

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It’s annoying how he stays up waiting for you to come home, but it’s kinda cute that he can’t sleep knowing you’re not safe and tucked in at home.

¿Quién es ese vago?


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You can be dating a doctor and he’d still call him a bum. No guy will ever be good enough for his princess.

Ya aplácate.

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Sometimes he doesn’t even have to say a word. The look he gives is enough to tell you to behave… because he wants everyone to see you as the princess that you are.

Ándale para que aprendas.

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He wants you to f*ck up… so you bounce back stronger.

No te vas a ir de la casa hasta que te cases.

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Because he doesn’t want to spend a day without you.

Ay muchacha. *shakes head*

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But you know he wouldn’t do anything to change your crazy ass.

Shoutout to all the dads who’ve loved us unconditionally ❤️.

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