Role Reversal: White Actors Asked to Act More White by a Latino

Can TV & Film become More Diverse?

So how exactly do you act more white? Is it, like, a total, like, valley girl, like, you know? Or like… uhmm, a frat guy, bro? How about them waves, dude?

Stereotypes, right? Well, that’s exactly how Latinos feel when every single one of the stereotypes — you know, the lazy one, the gangster, the feisty one — is played on TV. So in an effort to get the point across as to how Latino actors feel when they’re asked to act more Latino, .Mic and Guatemalan actor Arturo Castro held a fake audition where they asked white actors to act more white.

“Can you act more caucasian? Really round those vowels. Just act more white. We really need a white girl,” Castro requests.

And GUESS what one of the actresses says? “It seems a little stereotypical.”


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