Watch Selena Gomez Talk About Sleeping On An Air Mattress Before Becoming Selena Gomez

For their “City Of Angels” music video/short film, 30 Seconds To Mars sat down with celebrities and street performers to talk about why they love Los Angeles. Selena Gomez, who had been living in L.A. since she was a child, talked about her less glamorous lifestyle in L.A. before the crazy fame. Who knew she was living in a house full of women sleeping on air mattresses. Celebs are just like us, right?

When she was little, Selena Gomez and her mother moved to L.A. and rented a small loft in downtown.

Credit: 30SecondsToMars / YouTube

She was not alone in that loft, either.

Gomez lived in cramp quarters in her tiny loft and slept on an air mattress, all in the name of chasing her acting dream.

Credit: 30 SecondsToMars / YouTube

She continued saying how much he actually really enjoyed that time in her life as a small smile flashes across her face, but as her fame grew bigger, she struggled to deal with the constant attention.

“You get your first paparazzi, and then you get, you know, your first fan letter and it’s all super exciting and you like that,” Gomez says in the video. “I loved that.”

Credit: 30SecondsToMars / YouTube

“Then it just kind of got very weird very fast because then it became very quickly about where I was going to eat and who I was meeting up with.”

Her advice? Chase your dreams because they are important and real.

Credit: 30SecondsToMars / YouTube

Check out her full interview below where she also talks about wanting to be just like her mother.

Credit: 30SecondsToMarsVEVO / YouTube

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