Watch Out, Pokémon Go. These Magic: The Latino-ing Cards Are The Next Big Thing

Pokémon Go is a massive hit. Investors made bank in a week, and now everyone’s looking for what’s next.

May we suggest…

Magic: The Gathering, Latino Expansion Pack

Abuela Spelling Update

Latinos comprise one of the most vibrant consumer markets in this country, so a Magic: The Gathering expansion pack that celebrates Latinos could really take off.

Luchador and Chad

Imagine the look on your opponent’s face when you drop one of these bad boys:

Vaporu and Azucar - Frame 0

Watch out, Pokémon Go! Magic: The Gathering, The Latino Expansion Pack is the next big thing!

Energy update
Credit: LaborPower / _SoyLatte_

Can you think of any cards that would bolster our Magic The Gathering Latino Expansion Pack? Leave a comment below!

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The Women Of Fifth Harmony Showed Audience Members That They Won’t Back Down From A Challenge


The Women Of Fifth Harmony Showed Audience Members That They Won’t Back Down From A Challenge

Credit: The Late Late Show With James Corden / YouTube

Lauren Jauregui was unbothered.

Fifth Harmony recently joined James Corden on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and the host with the most (games) came through again with a game that would leave you terrified. Somehow, Corden convinced the women of Fifth Harmony to play “Flinch,” a game where you stand behind a glass panel and hold a martini while Corden shoots fruit at you from a cannon.

One by one the women stood behind the glass and it was only when Corden had them the most distracted that he fired the fruit. The winner was whoever spilled the least amount of their drink on the ground. First was Ally Brooke, who screamed and subsequently dropped to the ground in fear. Normani Kodei was next. When the fruit hit the glass, she jumped and threw her martini at the glass because who wouldn’t? Dinah Jones, who was holding milk and a cookie — she’s not 21 yet — screamed as loud as she could as the fruit pelted the glass. The last challenger was Jauregui, who struck a fierce pose and kept her composure. It’s like she was a statue.

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If You Hate Tamales De Dulce, This Game Is For You


If You Hate Tamales De Dulce, This Game Is For You

Have you ever experienced that moment during Christmas when you’ve had like 438 tamales but you still have room for one more? You then head over to choose that final tamal that will satisfy your craving, and when you unwrap it, you end up getting a surprise tamal de dulce that you weren’t ready for at all. If you know that feeling, we’ve got a little game for you. Check out this batch of tamales and see if you are lucky enough to avoid the tamal de dulce.

Send to your friends and see if they can avoid the dreaded tamal de dulce!

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