Watch Out, Pokémon Go. These Magic: The Latino-ing Cards Are The Next Big Thing

Pokémon Go is a massive hit. Investors made bank in a week, and now everyone’s looking for what’s next.

May we suggest…

Magic: The Gathering, Latino Expansion Pack

Abuela Spelling Update

Latinos comprise one of the most vibrant consumer markets in this country, so a Magic: The Gathering expansion pack that celebrates Latinos could really take off.

Luchador and Chad

Imagine the look on your opponent’s face when you drop one of these bad boys:

Vaporu and Azucar - Frame 0

Watch out, Pokémon Go! Magic: The Gathering, The Latino Expansion Pack is the next big thing!

Energy update
Credit: LaborPower / _SoyLatte_

Can you think of any cards that would bolster our Magic The Gathering Latino Expansion Pack? Leave a comment below!

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Today’s Google Doodle Is All About Lotería And You Can Play A Few Rounds With Your Friends


Today’s Google Doodle Is All About Lotería And You Can Play A Few Rounds With Your Friends


Google is pulling on my Mexican heartstrings! The most popular search engine, which from time-to-time uses its homepage logo as an interactive gateway to educate the public about historical figures and cultural traditions, has over the years celebrated Mexican heritage in beautiful and innovative ways. From honoring Mexican-American icon, Selena Quintanilla in 2017 to Frida Kahlo’s 103rd birthday in 2010, Google is doing a remarkable job of paying tribute to the people and traditions close to our Mexican heart. And today’s honor is just as touching. 

Google is celebrating the most beloved game in Mexican communities, the Lotería!

Credit: Google

Perla Campos, Google Doodle’s Global Marketing Lead, is one of the people responsible for pushing Google’s innovation team to celebrate Mexican culture. She’s the one responsible for pushing the Selena Google Doodle for two years before its premiere. She did the same for the Lotería. 

A smile instantly comes to my face every time I think of Lotería,” Campos wrote on the Google page. “I think of being with my extended family in Mexico for the holidays, scattering around my Tia Cruz’s house, anxiously waiting for a round to start. I think of us tossing beans at each other in attempts to distract the other from our boards. Most importantly, I think of the laughter, the excitement, and how all the worries of the world melted away as this game brought us together, even if just for a few hours.”

The Lotería Google Doodle isn’t just a visual that shares the story of its history but also an interactive game that people can play with friends or strangers.

Credit: Google

Google states that this game is their second-ever multiplayer experience. Campos said that Google was looking to incorporate an interactive game and, of course, she told them about the Lotería. 

“Upon being prompted to think of possible interactive Doodles to create for the following year, Lotería almost instantly came to mind,” Campos said. “I wondered: If this simple game was so magical and powerful in its original state, how might that be amplified in the digital space? And so the Lotería Doodle was born.”

Playing the Lotería that we have played all of our lives and playing the Lotería Doodle is two different things. Here’s why. 

Credit: Google

As I launched into a round of Lotería on the Google page, I surely thought I was going to win until I realized the Lotería playing card didn’t have all of the recognizable characters and icons. In other words, Google reimagined the Lotería card — as other artists have also done with the Lotería card — to fit their brand. So, people will see an “emoji” icon or “la concha.” 

What makes this card and game extra special is that the Lotería Doodle was illustrated and created by Mexican artists.

The guest visual artists that worked on the Lotería Doodle include Mexico-based Chabaski, Mexico-born Cecilia, Hermosillo-born Luis Pinto, Los Angeles-based Loris Lora, and Mexico City-based Vals.

It was exciting to collaborate with five Mexican and Mexican-American illustrators to reimagine many of the classic Lotería game art for the Doodle—along with some new cards for a fun sorpresa!” Campos stated on the Googe page. “We also partnered with popular Mexican YouTuber Luisito Comunica, who serves in the iconic role of game card announcer for the Doodle.” 

Each artist also shared their favorite memories of playing Lotería. 

“I remember when I was around 6 years old, my mom and aunts would gather around a table and play for hours until we had to go home,” Chabaski said. “We would bet a couple of pesos, which made it more fun.”

The Lotería Doodle still honors the traditional game and educates a new generation of people about its origins. 

Credit: Google

“Although it has changed a great deal since being officially copyrighted in Mexico on this day 106 years ago, Lotería is still wildly popular today across Mexico and Latino communities, whether as a Spanish language teaching tool or for family game night,” Campos said. 

Okay, so you’re ready to play?!

Credit: Google

Click here and play with friends or strangers. And, if you want to make the game extra exciting play at home with your laptops and include some money for each round. Nothing wrong with making a buck and having fun. 

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The Women Of Fifth Harmony Showed Audience Members That They Won’t Back Down From A Challenge


The Women Of Fifth Harmony Showed Audience Members That They Won’t Back Down From A Challenge

Credit: The Late Late Show With James Corden / YouTube

Lauren Jauregui was unbothered.

Fifth Harmony recently joined James Corden on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and the host with the most (games) came through again with a game that would leave you terrified. Somehow, Corden convinced the women of Fifth Harmony to play “Flinch,” a game where you stand behind a glass panel and hold a martini while Corden shoots fruit at you from a cannon.

One by one the women stood behind the glass and it was only when Corden had them the most distracted that he fired the fruit. The winner was whoever spilled the least amount of their drink on the ground. First was Ally Brooke, who screamed and subsequently dropped to the ground in fear. Normani Kodei was next. When the fruit hit the glass, she jumped and threw her martini at the glass because who wouldn’t? Dinah Jones, who was holding milk and a cookie — she’s not 21 yet — screamed as loud as she could as the fruit pelted the glass. The last challenger was Jauregui, who struck a fierce pose and kept her composure. It’s like she was a statue.

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