Vogue Is Calling This 16 Year Old From Guadalajara ‘Fashion’s Latest It Girl’

Introducing Mariana Zaragoza, the underage supermodel who will soon be on the cover of every major fashion mag.

Thank you so much @proenzaschouler for having me in the show ⚡️

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It looks like the fashion world has found its latest muse, and it doesn’t include someone named Gigi, Kendall or Bella, or someone from Russia, Poland or France. The latest face (and body) to take over the runways is a 16-year-old by the name of Mariana Zaragoza who hails from none other than Guadalajara. Even though she’s not old enough to drink, vote or buy cigarettes, she’s wasting no time in grabbing fashion by the cojones (as evidenced by her major debut at New York Fashion Week this past September).

Like every great Cinderella story, Zaragoza got her big break at a mall.

Zaragoza was quickly signed by IMG Modeling agency in Mexico City.

And it didn’t take long for fashion exclusives like Proenza Schouler and Carolina Herrera to call her.

Gala Carolina Herrera México #GalaCHMexico

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Now, the teen is a regular on runways and walking alongside names like Gigi Hadid.

#pfwss17 @giambattistapr ✨

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And is getting love from Vogue editions all over the world, like Mexico.

All that said, she’s still a young, cartoon-loving Mexicana at heart.

A dream come true… ✈️❤️

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And she never forgets about those who’ve been with her from the beginning, like her baby Vietnamese pigs.

She has three Vietnamese piggies and somewhere close to 300 pigs in figurine form. She’s obsessed.

Seems like she’s not completely used to this lifestyle. Even after walking the hottest runways, she still gets starstruck.

And no matter what, she puts familia first.

Tal vez el mejor adorno de navidad es una gran sonrisa.

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She travels in packs and brings her family with her any chance she gets. ?

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