The Complete List of Bro Codes Every Mexican Is Down With

Because we don’t play around when it comes to loyal friendships.

Under no circumstance will you share an umbrella.

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No matter how bad the weather is.

Unless you want to look this ridiculous.

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Contrary to popular belief, you CAN date your friend’s ex.

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If and when you get his blessing first. Ay girl, wassup?

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But don’t think about dating your boy’s sister.

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Stepsister… Maaaaybe.

Standing next to your friend in a urinal is a deadly sin.

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We’re close, but not that close.

If his zipper’s down…

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You have every right to laugh. And if a woman has hers down, you tell your friends. Immediately.

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You always stand up for your boy at the club.

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Because if a fugly girl approaches him, you say he has a gf.

If you’re both into the same girl, neither of you back down.

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It’s a battle till death. May the best fighter win.

If your homie helps you move, you pay him with the best currency.

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And make sure it’s Mexican. Only the best for your boy.

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The only time it’s ever okay to tell your friend you love him is when…

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When you’re both drunk. I looooove juuuuu shoooo mushh. 

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