These ‘Flaritza’ Moments Prove Flaca & Maritza Deserve Their Own Show

Let’s dream. If “Orange is the New Black” were to have a spin-off, it would HAVE to be all about Flaritza because Flaca and Maritza are the BEST! Who wouldn’t want to binge-watch the eff out of a show that follows our favorite Litchfield Penitentiary BFFs?

It’s so cute when they want to do things together.

But let’s not forget that like all good friends, they fight, too.

Like that time they ran against each other for office.

And things got ugly!

Maritza may have been called an idiot, but payback is a BITCH!

But they always seem to make up.

And they are killer dance partners.

When they didn’t get to perform in the Christmas pageant, we had more fun watching them throw shade at everyone else.

The best is when they have talks…

That only BFFs can have.

You know, sharing truths that others would laugh at.

And if you’re feeling down about wasting the best years of your life in prison..

Actually, sometimes your BFF is…

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