These ‘Flaritza’ Moments Prove Flaca & Maritza Deserve Their Own Show

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Let’s dream. If “Orange is the New Black” were to have a spin-off, it would HAVE to be all about Flaritza because Flaca and Maritza are the BEST! Who wouldn’t want to binge-watch the eff out of a show that follows our favorite Litchfield Penitentiary BFFs?

It’s so cute when they want to do things together.


But let’s not forget that like all good friends, they fight, too.

Flaritza fighting

Maria’s reaction = all of us when we saw this go down.

Like that time they ran against each other for office.

If you want more pizza vote for Maritza

They both wanted to represent the Latinas in the WAC (Women’s Advisory Council). Maritza was all about gettin’ more pizza because it’s “American and shit.”

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And things got ugly!

Flaca gif

Flaca started name-calling.

Maritza may have been called an idiot, but payback is a BITCH!

Vote for Flaca, puta's full of caca

OUCH! You gotta love Maritza’s mad rhyming skillz, though.

But they always seem to make up.

Maritza pouting

Sometimes they don’t even have to apologize in words.

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And they are killer dance partners.

Flaritza dancing

So what if they get cut from the prison’s Christmas pageant because of their fly moves?

When they didn’t get to perform in the Christmas pageant, we had more fun watching them throw shade at everyone else.

Flaritza Christmas

It’s not that they were sore losers about not being in the show, they just talked truth.

The best is when they have talks…

Flaca meme

You know those deep kind of soul-baring talks?

That only BFFs can have.


Deep shit that only gets shared with your BFF.

You know, sharing truths that others would laugh at.

Maritza meme

A real friend “gets” you, though.

And if you’re feeling down about wasting the best years of your life in prison..

Flaritza kiss

A true friend will kiss you on “your dumb lips” and then you laugh about it because you really are JUST friends and that’s A LOT.

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Actually, sometimes your BFF is…

Maritza and Flaca


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11 Things We Think Happen In A Machista Latino Culture, But Don't – Because Women Run The Show


11 Things We Think Happen In A Machista Latino Culture, But Don’t – Because Women Run The Show

Credit: memegen.es

Men are the ones wearing los pantalones in Latino households, right? Not quite. As much as they love to think so, and even brag about it, there is plenty of proof las mujeres are running it.

Guess who handles the finances?


Mom – even if daddy is the one bringing home the bacon.

Dad always turns to mom for advice.


Because he knows she’s the wiser one.

Women chose which social engagements they attend as a couple.


Some men couldn’t decide if their life depended on it.

You always spend major holidays with mom’s side of the family.


Because there’s only so much tension between la suegra and mom a dinner can withstand.

She also decides what the family eats.


You know dad’s always asking ‘¿qué quieres comer?’

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Novelas > fútbol.


She’s the one who really controls the remote.

Mom filters who’s allowed in the house.


She bans fake friends, and anyone else she doesn’t like. Dad couldn’t care less.

She’s even the one to approve or disapprove of your significant other.


Dad no se mete.

Mami sets up curfew.


Because dad always says…

“Go ask your mom.”

Credit: jennalives / Awkward / MTV

Because she always has the last word.

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