Rafael Augustin’s Journey from Undocumented to Alumnus of the Year

Credit: Rafael Agustin / YouTube

How Rafael Agustin Found His American Dream

“I was the senior class president. I was the prom king. I was the top ten percent of my class,” Ecuadorian-born Rafael Agustin said in a speech to the graduating class of Mt. San Antonio College. “I was the all-American high school student — with one small exception. I wasn’t American at all.”

It wasn’t until Agustin was on the acceptance path to the top universities in the United States that he came to this realization. The universities’ responses to his applications: “You are a perfect candidate. Can you please send us your real Social Security number?”

That didn’t deter him. Agustin found the one school that would accept him regardless of his immigration status, Mt. San Antonio College. Keeping in stride with his success, Agustin went on to earn a master’s degree from UCLA, become an actor, writer, producer, business owner and U.S. citizen. His alma mater has celebrated his accomplishments by naming him the 2015 Alumnus of the Year.

Watch his heartfelt speech — he cries a little, even if his cholo homies will give him flak.

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