Here’s a Breakdown of Every Type of Tía Latina That Exists

These are the tías you dread seeing at family reunions…

The Glamorous One

Credit: @mroumeliotou / Instagram

She’s fab and she knows it. She’s got platinum dyed hair, is obsessed with leopard print and loves pairing them with metallic leggings.

La Tía Chencha


Credit: @willcortez78 / Instagram

She’s what most call La Tía Cotorra. She never married, but is eternally hopeful that she’ll one day meet her prince charming and that’s why she spends HOURS getting ready. In the meantime, she’s the one who sits at the table holding the other tías’ purses while they get down on the dance floor with their husbands.

La Chismosa


Credit: @xxocarolina / Instagram

She spills the beans at every family party and gives updates on the latest family gossip. It doesn’t stop at family, she has no chill and fills everyone in on what’s happening with everyone from the neighborhood.

The One Who Is Overly Religious


Credit: @artistvanessavalles / Instagram

She always has el Jesús en la boca, asks when was the last time you confessed and carries a bible around to read her favorite verse to you.

The Party Animal

Credit: Annie Leal

This is self explanatory. She’s goes to literally every party she’s invited to and indulges on the free booze.

The One Who Still Acts Like She’s 23

Credit: @ops_feernandes / Instagram

Soy la tía chida, let’s take a selfie.

The One Who Never Married

Credit: @mineirojiujitsu / Instagram

She might be a lesbian.

The Bougie One


Credit: @carosaenzacosta / Instagram

She flaunts her MK bags at every party, but we only like her because she has a pool and spoils us for Christmas.

The One Who Isn’t Really Your Tía


Credit: @roxanita19_ / Instagram

But you call her Tía because she’s your mom’s bestie. #BFFGoals

The One Who Lives Far Away

Credit: moonlovesthedarkness / Tumblr

You only see her once a year on Christmas, but your mom makes you talk on the phone with her sometimes and it’s so awkward because you barely know her.

The Sweet Tía


Credit: @ivettedilhery / Instagram

She always has your back no matter what and defends you from your mom from time to time. She gets you.

The One with Passive Agressive Comments

Credit: @quesigalapeda / Instagram

Ay mijita que bonito maquillaje traes casi ni se te ven las espinillas.

The One Who Never Stops Talking

Credit: im-a-sledgehammer / Tumblr

When is this story going to end???

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