Twitter Emotions Over the $1.5 Billion Powerball are Low Key Running Too High

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Nobody won the Powerball last week, so that $800 million prize has now jumped to $1.5 billion. The odds of winning are slim but that doesn’t mean we aren’t all freaking out over the chance to be millionaires.

Some people are offering some pretty solid and level-headed advice on what to do with your winnings.

But, just like your probability of actually winning, the number of level-headed people talking about the lottery are very slim.

Most people are already blowing the money they don’t have a chance of winning.

And they are thinking BIG!

Why wait? If you are soo confident, just buy the stuff now and pay when you win. #simplelogic

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While a few are planning some good community service with their winnings.

That’s soooo sweet. PM me so I can send you my address. I’ll be waiting for my check. ¡Gracias, Gabriel!

And some of the potential charity recipients are already being notified.

No te preocupes, El Chapo. Keith is on a mission to get you a new tank top.

There is some serious dough being thrown at the Powerball right now.

“Look. I know I don’t have a chance to win this, but just take all my money before I change my mind.” – Every Latino ever.

Some folks are finally coming to terms with the reality that they will never win.

And reality really bites.


Others have lost touch with reality completely.

You know, because dealing with famines and disasters is just too mainstream for God to handle nowadays.

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It wouldn’t be a Powerball story without a Puerto Rico buzzkill.

Your statehood talk has no business here, buddy!

There’s speculation about where the jackpot money is really coming from.

Seriously, though. I don’t think El Chapo cares about the money.

People are already planning there celebrations. ? ?

You’d be the king, for sure.

But mostly, people just want the chance to prove that money is not going to change them.

Like me. I swear, I will still come to work and coupon like it’s my religion.

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How A Camera Lens Made These Officers Have A Change Of Heart


How A Camera Lens Made These Officers Have A Change Of Heart

Credit: @jsun217 / Instagram

Artist and photographer Jason Cordova has explored some of the most overlooked spots in his hometown of Los Angeles. And with every moment he captures, there is a story. Check out what happened when he ventured into a downtown L.A. alley.

As Cordova started taking some shots, he noticed he wasn’t the only person in the alley.

“I just happened to be there one afternoon. I was trying to catch some shadows and there was a man sitting there in his little corner, he had built his little shelter trying to stay out of the rain,” Cordova told mitú.

“As I’m standing there shooting, these two guys walk up. They’re part of the downtown L.A. security team. They start to ask me what I’m doing and I looked at them, like, ‘I’m in Los Angeles taking pictures, what the f*ck does it look like I’m doing?'”

Then the two security officers started to give the homeless man a hard time.

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“They turn around and start harassing him, telling him that he needs to get out and move his stuff,” Cordova told mitú. “So I stood there and I took pictures of them, and hopefully I made them feel a little uncomfortable and made them think about how stupid and unnecessary it was what they were doing.”

“I understand there are rules and laws in our society, but at the same time I think the human heart at some point should be involved and kind of dictate your moves on a daily basis.”

Cordova told mitú, “Maybe the law is that people can’t sleep in certain places, but at the same time it’s raining and this man has nowhere else to go. The human heart at some point should take over.”


“As a photographer I’m just capturing moments. I’m just capturing the situations. There’s nothing I can really do, but at the same time I want to stay close. And let them know that man I’m not only watching, I’m documenting this. And they actually turned around and walked away.”

And having the officers walk away is exactly what Jason wanted.

Credit: jsun217 / Instagram

“I was just hoping by being really blatant and pointing that camera at them, that they would stop for a second, even just half a second. Like you know what, ‘what are we doing?’ The dude was just laying under a cardboard little hut so that he could stay out of the rain for half an hour.”

Whether being photographed simply made the two men feel uncomfortable, or whether being documented made them more conscious of their actions, the click of the camera is what helped change the situation. And Jason’s words are true, with everything that you do, no matter what it is, “The human heart at some point should take over.” ❤️

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