‘Trumped: By A Mexican’ is the Only Web Series You Need this Election Season

Has karma finally caught up with Donald Trump? Find out on the new mitú series Trumped: by a Mexican starring Eddie G! and Philip Wilburn. Grab the popcorn and watch some hard-working Mexicans show Donald Trump what’s what.

There’s a construction worker who showed Trump that politics is a game of inches.

Credit: Wearemitu / YouTube

Construction is all about measurements. Mr. Trump should have given the guy the clearance he needed. Walk it off, wey.

There were some hair-raising moments.

Credit: Wearemitu / YouTube

Don’t question your peluquero, Trump. Eddie knows what he is doing and you just might like it.

Donald Trump was shocked at the helpfulness of a janitor.

Credit: Wearemitu / YouTube

You’re so dramatic, Mr. Trump. All he was trying to do was help.

And there’s a valet who knows respect is a two-way street.

Credit: Wearemitu / YouTube

Watch where you are walking, Mr. Trump. You got lucky this time.

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Introducing the Real Housewives of East LA

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