Trump Doesn’t Want Mexicans Judging Him, So We Found A Bunch Of White People To Do It For Us

Donald Trump, who launched his campaign by claiming Mexican immigrants were rapists and drug dealers, continued his attack on Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the federal judge overseeing the Trump University lawsuit, by telling the Wall Street Journal that Judge Curiel needs to recuse himself from the case because of his Mexican heritage.

“I’m building a wall. It’s an inherent conflict of interest.”

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It’s our job to cover this latest incident. However, as the son of two Mexican immigrants, I fear that anything I say might be undermined by my “inherent conflict of interest.” As such, I will recuse myself from making any type of comment and will instead turn it over to those who don’t have the same “inherent conflict of interest”: white people.

Here is how white people reacted to Donald Trump’s latest comments:

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And for good measure, here’s Fox host Megyn Kelly emphatically explain to another white person how off-base Donald Trump’s initial comments are:

Credit: Chase Odenkirk/YouTube

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