Top Two Things that Make No Sense about Latinos on Campus

Here’s What Doesn’t Make Sense about Latinos in College:

1. Why is college is seen as a necessity, but priced as a luxury?

Really though. We’re all expected to go to college, and you would think with such a high demand, it’d become a little more affordable, right?

Prices keep increasing, but we’ve kind of come to terms with it. It’s just one of those things we don’t really have control over. (And thank goodness for scholarships!) But this second point is something we can’t fathom…

2. Why are people on campus still looking at us like we don’t belong? Why are they acting like they’ve never seen a Latino go to college?

Please, it’s time to get real. Latinos are soon going to be the largest population in the US, so we shouldn’t be looked at as strangers… anywhere. Just like second generation student at the University of Notre Dame, Celeste Villa-Rangel, we’re kicking ass on and off campus.


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This Latina is Giving Adele a Run for Her Money


This Latina is Giving Adele a Run for Her Money

Credit: Cristina Quinones / YouTube

If She Called, You Would Answer

Cristina Quinones is a 21-year-old Latina born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Christina is also a singer making her mark in the music world.

Her blend of pop, soul, and dance has captivated audiences as far away as the Czech Republic. She took her skills and covered Adele’s “Hello” and did not disappoint.

Since starting her career at 12, Cristina has performed more than 900 shows around the world including for Telemundo, BET, and Univision. In 2014, Cristina received the Best Latin Female Award from the Georgia Music Awards and has committed her time and voice to join the fight against obesity and eating disorders.

Check out the rest of Cristina’s music here.

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