Top Election Issues For Puerto Ricans In Florida Key For All Latinos

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Latinos have been central to the 2016 United States presidential election with Puerto Ricans taking center stage in Florida as the community mobilizes and grows in numbers. A recent Center for American Progress survey delved into the motivations of this newly influential voting block in Florida and found that Puerto Ricans in Florida align with the broader Latino electorate on key issues. Considering Boricuas could potentially determine the outcome of races across the ballot in the Sunshine Swing State, all Latinos should be paying close attention… and voting!

1) Economy, Jobs & Unemployment – 33%

Puerto Ricans have been leaving the island at a historic rate, mostly citing their failing economy and lack of work opportunities, so it stands to reason that these issues are a primary focus on the mainland. And more generally, the economy and jobs tend to lead among voters across the country.

2) Health Care – 19%


With threats to public health like the Zika virus growing in Florida and Puerto Rico, it makes sense that almost one in five Puerto Rican voters consider health care the most important issue this election season. It goes without saying that every human being deserves quality health care, right?

3) Immigration & Deportations – 13%

While Puerto Ricans have U.S. citizenship, they still see immigration as a significant issue, identifying with the rest of the U.S. Latino community on an issue impacting families and politicians.

4) Education – 12%

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Boricuas have commonly come stateside for college-level education, but the island has closed more than 20 percent of the schools there, and with so many Puerto Rican families established and growing up in the U.S. education system, this one is a no-brainer. Every American deserves a quality education.  

5) Puerto Rican Financial Crisis – 11%

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The country’s devastating recession over the past 10 years has left Puerto Rico to default and put serious financial strain on the Island’s population. This ranking speaks volumes to the concern Puerto Ricans in the U.S. have for their friends and family on the Island – none of whom are able to vote in presidential elections, despite being U.S. citizens.

6) Anti-Latino & Immigrant Discrimination – 10%

Even though they are American citizens, Puerto Rican people, language and culture are distinctly Latino, and they still face as many prejudices as other minority communities, regardless of their nationality.

7) Terrorism, National Security & ISIS – 7%

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Terrorism and national security are critical concerns for all Americans. And it’s always worth remembering that more than 200,000 American citizens from Puerto Rico have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, serving in every conflict since World War I.

8) Crime & Safety – 5%

Crime and safety have become key issues for candidates this election season, as well as a highly contentious social issue across the country. Not surprisingly, these are top-of-mind concerns for Latinos. Consider the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting that targeted LGBT+ Latinos and shook Orlando and the nation just five months ago. Puerto Ricans saw many of their own among the victims of one of the bloodiest mass shootings in U.S. history.

9) Government Corruption & Money In Politics – 4%

Corruption and money in politics have plagued American democracy for decades, and Puerto Rico is no different.

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