Toms Is Really Trying To Profit From Selling Huaraches. Yes, HUARACHES.

Latinos just might be THE most fashionable population on the planet. Brands love our style so much, they’re literally copying it and selling it to hipsters for double triple, sometimes four times the price. Here’s TOMS’ attempt at banking off our huaraches.

If you’re in the market for some new huaraches, TOMS hopes you will give theirs a chance.

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Seriously, TOMS, the company who started with slip-on shoes has now gone further than their little wedges experiment.

But before you rush out to buy these, take a moment to consider that their huaraches will set you back more than $100.

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Anywhere between $89 and $150 to be exact.

And that makes us feel a certain way…

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And the online shade was…


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Too. Real! ?

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Because paying $120 for huaraches when you’re Latino is such a joke.

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But street fashion vigilantes have already started documenting the TOMS huaraches/hipster epidemic spreading.

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Nothing says, “I love and understand Mexico” like wearing huaraches with your school khakis. Amiright?

Thanks to these shoes, people are now being forced to chose a side: #TeamToms or #TeamJuans.

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So, are you #TeamToms or #TeamJuans?

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