Times You Wish You Had a Chacal IRL

Because some people need to be fuera from your life.

When your mom walks into your room.

Credit: ohmyreactionsgifs / Tumblr

And yells that it’s time to clean… On a Saturday morning ?.

When tía calls you over because she wants to ask you something.

When you get that ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ speech.

Credit: Modern Family / ABC

Oh please, save it for the birds.

When your BFF brings you a gift.

Hard to believe, but when class is canceled.

When you take a sick day.

Credit: mickeyandmumbles / Tumblr

And your boss tells you they need you so much at the office.

When you ask for a raise.

Credit: TMZ

And all you get is a letter of recognition for your hard work.

When you’re about to get a ticket.

When your ex walks in.

When people say racism doesn’t exist.

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