9 Times You Feel #Blessed For Knowing Both English And Spanish

Making fun of my accent? Bish please, I’m bilingual.

When people don’t think you’re Latino and they talk shit behind your back.

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Surprise b*tch, guess who else understands Spanish?

Or when you have to say something, but didn’t want others to know what you’re saying.

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Spanish becomes your secret shade language.

When this happens:

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You’re the first one to laugh because everyone is still reading the text ?.

When you realize you and the taquero speak the same language.

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And he usually gives you the special treatment.

When you visit a Spanish speaking country.

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It’s easier for you to fit in…and not get ripped off.

When you’re making more money because you speak Spanish.

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Mo’ languages, mo’ moneyyyy ?.

When you can sing the entire song, Pitbull AND J.Lo’s part.

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And everyone else is like woiejlk asldkfj lakdjf.

When watching soccer is so much more entertaining because the announcer is a million times more passionate.

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Same goes for telenovelas.

When you use it to pick up on someone.

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Because mi cielo sounds so much better than bae.

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